Navigating the holidays!

Navigating the Holidays Joyfully(??) Take a big, deep, beautiful breath: the holidays are underway. For many of us, this time of year brings joys – and challenges – of family gatherings, gifting, holiday shindigs, and a lot of people needing … Read More

Does your team play by these rules?

Have you ever woken up in a panic… wondering and hoping that your team was playing by the rules? Is your company buttoned up on training, detailed operating procedures, and documentation? (Cliché #734- If it isn’t written down, it likely didn’t … Read More

Chemical Safety in the Cannabis Industry

Does your organization have chemicals on the premises? Do you know how to safely handle them? Has your team been through chemical safety training? Do they understand SDS’s and the information on them? Employees can be exposed to chemicals at the Cultivation, Production, … Read More

What makes your team happy?

Fostering happy employees, creates more productive teams.   Want to improve your retention rate for keeping new hires?  You may have invested time and money into new employees and some people quit after a month, consequently, by not being fulfilled or … Read More

How Can We Be Ultra Compliant?

Show me your compliance! Discussing compliance isn’t always sexy. However, it is a foundational component to operating a successful business in any industry- especially in the cannabis industry. The risks of not getting it right are high. Violations may result … Read More

Keep It Professional~ 5 Key Food Safety Musts!

Food Safety insights with Maureen McNamara, Founder of Cannabis Trainers. Cannabis Trainers provides ServSafe® food safety training for edible makers and Sell-SMaRT™ the responsible cannabis vendor program for sellers. ( There are many (sooooo many) aspects to the cannabis industry … Read More

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