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useful information

“This class has very useful information.  Every person working within the industry should take this class.”

Valerie S.

Defines key regulations for successful operation of business.

Very informative and defines the key regulations for successful operation of business.

Adrian A

second to none

You provide a great program far and above anyone else in the industry.

You are second to none.  Thank you so much for all that you have done for us!

Jennifer K

Informative course

It’s an informative course for budtenders with a nice, helpful instructor (Tony)!!

Michael F

Jamila was fantastic!

Jamila was fantastic at keeping things interesting. Very helpful to keep us focused over several hours.


every single person behind the counter needs to take this class

I think every single person behind the counter needs to take this class. It was engaging and very informative.

Shannarra C.

Helps with compliance at work

Worth your time and it helps with day to day decisions and compliance at work


Up to par on everything compliant!

It gets you up to par on everything compliant!

Matthew F

Great learning opportunity that you’ll enjoy

It’s a great learning opportunity that you will enjoy and helps broaden your knowledge of your products and personal presentation.


Tony is a badass

The classrooms were good. Great teacher as well. Tony is a badass.


Phenomenal instructor

The class is informative and the instructor was phenomenal.


The training was great!

The training was great. Tony was amazing!


good qualities to carry with you at any job

This will help you more than only working for TGS, it has good qualities to carry with you at any job.

Tiffany W.

Educational and full of plentiful knowledge

It’s very educational and full of correct and plentiful knowledge on policies and ways to maintain compliance. Amber was an amazing instructor.


I’ve taken other compliance classes and Maureen’s was the best.

I’ve taken other compliance classes and Maureen’s was the best.  She is the absolute best.   She kept everyone involved and engaged from the warehouse to the front end.


Great introduction on understanding the proper techniques

Very informative and a great introduction and refresher on policies, procedures and understanding the proper techniques to use for different situations.

Mailee X

the whole team

I’m telling every owner and manager about this training and how it can help the whole team get on the ‘same page’.


take the class, you will learn

Take the class, even if you don’t want to, you WILL learn something!

Alex G.

The instructor made it fun and easy

The instructor tony made it fun and easy


I learned a lot more than I thought I would!

It was extremely worth it and I’d recommend it to anyone!  As someone who has heavy knowledge in Compliance, I learned a lot more than I thought I would.

Nicolette R

It helped me understand

It helped me understand the difference between activated THC and non activated.

Tessa A.

wealth of valuable cannabis information and insight

Thank you for the details, the professional approach, the humor, the interactive parts and the wealth of valuable cannabis information.

Tari M.

I loved Maureen’s energy and excitement

I loved Maureen’s energy and excitement to teach. Pop quizzes and true or false were awesome.

It’s a fun and informative class.

Kory S.

Would definitely recommend this company

I would definitely recommend this company


Group activities made it

The group activities made it less boring and more engaging


trainers were very knowledgeable and engaging

The trainers were very entertaining, knowledgeable, and engaging.

Molly N.

Really enjoyed Tony’s knowledge

I really enjoyed Tony’s knowledge and what he had to share with us.


professional development

“The industry is well-served by formalized professional development.”

Karen J.

invaluable knowledge

“The knowledge gained and learned is invaluable, when it comes to the future of this industry.”

Jared O.

Rebecca was energetic and fun.

Rebecca was energetic and fun. Made the information easy to absorb.


worth the investment for everyone

It is worth the investment for everyone involved in customer service or sales.

Brooke W

It gave me clarification

“It gave me clarification that I’m doing my job the correct way and the things I can do better.”

Philip W.

Best class I’ve had of 3 that teach similar information!

Excellent information, best class I’ve had of three that teach similar information.

Billy B

You will sell well after class!

SELL SELL SELL is what I would say you’ll be good at after the class!

Clinton C.

Maureen’s expertise!

Maureen’s expertise & the open format to discuss topics & ask questions was fantastic and worked well!!

Dama M

Great and useful knowledge in the course.

The instructor is amazing! Great and useful knowledge in the course.


Great way to get vital information

It is incredibly helpful, professional and a great way to get vital information.

Sarah S

group activities created a more hands-on experience

Maureen is an amazing trainer! The group activities created a more hands-on experience.  I would recommend people to take the class – it will make them a better seller of cannabis.

Allison G - manager

this class is not dull

Everyone worries about the length of  a class and how dull it is, this class was not. It was very engaging. Maureen was Great!

Eric S., Co-CEO

Exceptionally well done

Thanks for all Cannabis Trainers courses. They are exceptionally well done. Easy to follow and understand the topics. Thanks again.


training is essential

“I think regular training of this nature is essential to the long term development of this industry.”

Jeremy L.

It’s very important for future states to become legal

It’s very important for future states to become legal, so take the class!

Brandon M.

The instructor is awesome!

Rebecca, the instructor, is awesome!


become more professional and knowledeable

I’m definitely gonna tell those who want to become more professional and knowledgeable about the rapidly changing cannabis industry.

Zane W.

realized there was so much I didn’t know

Not bad, great information, especially once I realized there was so much more I didn’t know.

Matthew E.

Maureen kept them engaged

Maureen is awesome at connecting with staff and keeping them engaged

Brittany S.

Teachbacks were very beneficial.

The teachbacks were very beneficial. Seeing how other employees handle situations.

Ricky M


Everyone in the industry should take a class like Sell-SMaRT™.


Don’t be nervous, class is very informative.

Don’t be nervous, the class is very informative. You will learn more info about cannabis then what you think you might know


A Class for Everyone

Every budtender needs this class!


I feel more confident

Definitely worth sitting in class, I feel more confident and its great to know who is really behind the industry.

Jennifer S.

energy of instructors worked well

The energy of the instructors and engagement of the audience worked well.

Evan A

A hub of information

Everyone should take this class, because it is a hub for information on the Cannabis Industry and how to comply in it.

Jacob S.

Employees found it incredibly valuable

We recently had the opportunity to have a few of our new managers attend a training course provided by your team. It was very well received and our employees found it to be incredibly valuable.


learned a great deal

“The class was fun and I learned a great deal. I will be able to share the information right away with the whole staff.”


teachbacks were engaging

The teachbacks were engaging and I learned a lot from the other budtenders/trimmers.

Vanessa P.

motivates me to be compliant

Helps me see my job in a new light and motivates me to be compliant.

Scott S.

a must for any vendor’s employees

A must for any vendor’s employees.

Russell H

The person to person communication worked well.

The person to person communication worked well. Try it, you’ll like it.


Maureen gave actionable takeaways

Maureen led our team through a creative and effective presentation training session. She captured our attention by using props, humor and clear communication. The presentation activities we practiced resulted in instant positive change for each individual and it was clear her training would cause  powerful, long-term success. Maureen gave actionable takeaways and even followed up to ensure we were seeing results and practicing our new skills. We will be engaging with Maureen again soon!

Heather S

Loved the small groups!

I loved the small groups! The class is a great opportunity to learn more about the industry!


be more efficient and more accurate with compliance

Great instructor with good info on how to be more efficient and more accurate with compliance

Dustin S.

more fun than I expected!

It was a lot more fun than I expected.

Amber B.

Very informative

Amber was lovely and very informative


enhance professionalism in yourself

It is a great tool to enhance professionalism in yourself and team Members.

Rachel H.

Keep up the great work!

“Requiring everyone to come to your class has been a great decision. The stories our employees are telling us about how their previous employers operated are frightening. We remind them, we are in the COMPLIANCE BUSINESS, and if we do our jobs well, we get to sell cannabis. There can be no other way.

We are proud to be partners with you and your company. Keep up the great work!”
Jim P.

great resource

“This class is a great resource for all involved in the MJ field, not just budtenders, but all who hold a badge.”

Dawn P.

I liked talking in groups

I liked talking in groups getting more than one perspective on customer service and compliance.


Understanding of updated compliance laws

It was very helpful in my understanding of updated compliance laws

Chris T

Having groups converse was cool

The group questions worked good. Having groups converse over the same topics were cool, because you could pick up more information to use in our daily work life.


you rock!

You rock! Excellent Webinar on the equivalencies! Really great info and execution.
Sell-SMaRT™ is such a great class, I learn more every time.

Brendan F.

Developing industry leaders

Great for developing industry leaders

David L.

excellent guidance

It provides excellent guidance for anyone wishing to be a part of this industry and provide an amazing example to the world.

Michael S.

deepened my knowledge in the industry

The class deepened my knowledge in the industry that I am most passionate about.

Taylor F.

If you truly want to help patients, take it

If you love your job in the industry and truly want to help patients, then you must take it!

Evan R.

Keeps cannabis industries in business

It is an eye opener on how to make sure you can educate your consumers, promote a great experience for all and to keep cannabis industries in business.

Matthew R

Tony kept it entertaining!

Tony was engaging and kept it entertaining while you learn


Interactive, Engaging, Helpful

It is an Interactive, Engaging, Helpful experience that everyBODY should take advantage of!

Brad S. - manager

brush up on legalities to ensure everyone’s safety

Super helpful to brush up on legalities to ensure everyone’s safety, as well as the knowledge for your patients.

Molly R.

I highly recommend the training for MED investigators.

Thank you for the invitation to attend the training. I thought the training was very informative and I highly recommend the training for Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED). investigators.

John C., Supervisory Investigator

truly exceptional

Thank you for everything! We felt the class was truly exceptional and we thank you for passing the knowledge onto our team!

Brittany S.

Comprehensive, informative and enjoyable!

Amazing instructor! The class was comprehensive, informative and enjoyable.


essential to send your staff to these classes

It is absolutely essential that you send your staff to these classes. Staying compliant is always a challenge in this industry and we could all use a reminder! I might even go so far as to say that Maureen makes compliance fun!

Katherine G.

Making it mandatory would help with compliance.

This class is a great idea. I think making it mandatory for our state would help with compliance.

John W. Dept. of Excises and Licenses - Business license inspector

The person to person communication worked well

The person to person communication worked well


Worth the time, money and experience!

It is worth the time, money and experience to get this information. Even I who read the regulations numerous times, gained so much more information that I missed on my own.

Eric B., CIO

Helped in enhancing my performance

It effectively showed more aspects of the cannabis culture and helped in enhancing my performance.

Alyssa P

awesome & hilarious

 “Maureen was awesome & hilarious! The class was broken up with activities and videos so the day didn’t seem too long. Very educational and informative. The information is helpful and applicable to my work and team.”


teaches you all the ins and outs to selling cannabis legally and compliantly

It teaches you all the ins and outs to selling cannabis legally and compliantly.

Christopher L.

The Sell-Smart class is informative

I would say the Sell-Smart class is informative to the industry we work. This class has given me more knowledge of better procedures.


engaging, interesting and fun!

This is very engaging, and the trainer makes the class interesting and fun.

Joleena C.

enthusiastic and engaging

“Sell SMaRT is an enthusiastic class that is engaging to be in.”

Julie G.

Great learning experience!

Great learning experience for anyone to gain more knowledge about the cannabis industry and the rules and regulations behind it


Loved that instructor was in person!

I loved that the instructor was in person and not on a screen!


a must have for all budtenders

It is very informative and the experience is a must have for all budtenders.

Christopher P.

new insight to interacting with patients

It was beneficial to engage with individuals from different sectors of the industry who provided new insight to interacting with patients and customers. Useful for personal development as well. Strength to the delivery of words.

Janelle R.

professional & comprehensive course

“This class is very professional and comprehensive for anyone looking to responsibly sell cannabis in the legal market.”

Kat H

Incredible instructor

Rebecca was an incredible, patient, and knowledgeable instructor.


I liked the team building option.

I liked the team building option. Gets you more engaged.


Exceptionally thorough training!

Rebecca did an exceptionally thorough training and educational module



Very educational and motivating. Even if you think you’re an expert, there will always be something new to learn.


understand the different types of compliance necessitites

Great way to make sure you understand fully the different types of compliance necessities, penalties of breach, and creating a more pleasant experience for your customers.

Severin H.

Everyone’s doing it!

Take it!  Everyone’s doing it!  You’ll be one of the cool kids on the block.

Xina H.

Fun, exciting topics with comedic value

The fun and exciting topics with comedic value and group dynamics worked well.


Class interaction and reiterations of content worked well.

Class interaction and reiterations of content worked well.


Loved the energetic instructor!

Loved the instructor, very energetic and relatable.


clear compliance instruction

“I think being confident in your understanding of all the compliance issues we face as cannabis sellers is crucial.  This class gives very clear, direct compliance instruction.”

Ashley R

Groups helped everyone communicate

I feel that us going into groups helped open everyone to communicate better along with sharing knowledge with each other helped out a lot.


need to have

“There is a need to have this class!”

Lilly S

If you don’t know anything about this industry, this class is a very good start!

Very informative.  If you don’t know anything about this industry, this class is a very good start!

Jared A.

Essential and informative method

An essential and informative method for conveying essential cannabis industry rules, regulations, and operations to employees new and old alike.

Samuel B

I felt comfortable and confident

“Maureen kept the class informative and fun. Going into the class I was nervous because I felt I wouldn’t remember everything I should know. But with the way the class is taught, I felt comfortable and confident.”


really informative

Pay attention, it’s really informative and valuable.

Michelle U.

valuable techniques

‘It provides valuable selling tools and techniques for effective customer experiences.”

Kevin L.

Extremely beneficial to the industry

It’s extremely beneficial to the industry especially if we are trying to grow within.


learned tons!

Loved the class, it was fun and hilarious and went quickly, and learned tons! I appreciate it!
Ally K.

Sell-SMaRT prepares you

Sell-SMaRT class prepares you for many scenerios.

Matthew B

Engaging instructor!

Engaging instructor, quick and clear answers, clear information on slides.


whole experience worth while

The instructor was amazing and made the whole experience even more worth while!

Sarah W.