G-Suite Conversations Podcast – Maureen McNamara: Cannabis Compliance, Proper Training, and Sparkly Sneakers

Maureen McNamara, our founder, was interviewed by Women Grow for their podcast, G-Suite Conversations. Maureen shares her insights on the cannabis industry and the need for compliance training done correctly. Listen in: https://women-grow-podcast-g-suite-conversations.simplecast.com/episodes/maureen-mcnamara-cannabis-compliance-proper-training-and-sparkly-sneakers

The Independence of Cannabis

Cannabis use can be traced back to at least 500 BC when it was used as an herbal medicine in ancient Asian cultures (History Channel, 2019). In the US, cannabis can be found in early colonial days when hemp was … Read More

Whose Job Is It To Educate Cannabis Consumers?

MJBizDaily mentions the need for cannabis employees to educate consumers on the responsible consumption of cannabis. At Cannabis Trainers, we also understand the need for education. Budtenders and cannabis retail agents who attend our courses, share stories about consumers lacking … Read More