We’re not out of the weeds yet, my friends!

It’s STILL Important: Social Distancing for the Win! Flowers are blooming and new possibilities are growing. Spring creates new life – teeny birds and wee little squirrels. It brings the desire to connect with others after the hunkered-down winter. After … Read More

Tips & Links during these unprecedented times!

COVID-19 Newsletter for Cannabis Trainers   We hope YOU and the people you love are feeling healthy and hopeful. We’re all in some wild times and are grateful for your flexible, positive, responsible, resiliency right now!   We’re pleased that … Read More

What GMPs Are and Are Not with Greg Jones

Have you heard of GMP? It’s coming! We’ll break it down for you.  You’re likely familiar and the acronym stands for: Good Manufacturing Practice. With GMP compliance, it’s only a matter of “when” these regulations will be required, especially given … Read More

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