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5 Reasons To Become A Sell-SMaRT™ Responsible Vendor

  • Know the rules and be a valuable asset to your business/team.

  • Operate a compliant cannabis operation.

  • Provide service excellence to consumers.

  • Confidently handle challenging situations.

  • Avoid costly mistakes that could put your business/work at risk.


Why Train to Work Safely & Compliantly in the Cannabis Industry?

Working with cannabis is extremely rewarding. Wherever you are in the flow: growing, producing, manufacturing, testing or  selling, knowing and playing by the rules is imperative.

Failure to act responsibly and proactively can result in fines, suspension of licenses, increased insurance costs, and even losing the business for good. Non-compliance is a key component in fines and license revocation. 

The Sell-SMaRT™ Responsible Vendor Program protects you and your operation from these risks by teaching you and your team how to to safely and compliantly work with cannabis and, how to handle the complex situations that arise in licensed operations.

Designed for agents, managers, owners, investors and people looking to enter the cannabis industry, this comprehensive Responsible Vendor Program will insure you know the rules and move the industry forward with integrity, professionalism and compliance.


The course includes 5 online sections comprised of engaging videos, written materials, worksheets, and knowledge checks at the end of every module to assess your learning.

Printable summary documents are provided for easy reference. Once you ace the exam, receive an official Sell-SMaRT™ certificate.


The Legal Information

  • License types and how to maintain good standing
  • Rules and regulations to ensure you’re always in compliance
  • Product types that may be produced, sold and common cannabis product restrictions
  • Agencies that regulate cannabis and how to pass compliance checks
  • Understand possible risks and violations and learn how to avoid them

Safety & Security

  • Understand security requirements to operate a legal cannabis business
  • Adhere with seed-to-sale tracking requirements
  • Maintain a safe and secure premises for employees and consumers
  • Properly dispose of waste and other cannabis products compliantly
  • Details for safe, compliant delivery

Checking IDs

  • Ensure every patient and customer provides proper identification to legally purchase cannabis
  • Review regulatory protocols to properly check-in consumers
  • Easily identify fraudulent or borrowed IDs
  • Confidently check Identification while on the road
  • Understand the repercussions of improper ID checking

Handling Tricky Situations

  • Handle potentially illegal activities on your premises
  • Safely and effectively handle intoxicated/ impaired consumers
  • Politely decline consumers attempting play outside the rules
  • Document incidents in a way that protects you and your establishment

Educating Customers

  • Learn how to share information about the Endocannabinoid system
  • Know how to respond when people ask specific medical questions (hint: Don’t Play Doctor)
  • Overview of how each product type impacts people uniquely
  • Best practices to help consumers find cannabis products that are right for them
  • Coach people to consume safely and responsibly… to avoid over-indulging


  • Understand the rules to deliver compliantly
  • Gain insights on how to keep agents and products safe
  • Confidently check Identification while on the road
  • Know how to handle challenging situations

Meet your facilitator

Founder & Chief Facilitator: Cannabis Trainers

An acclaimed facilitator, speaker and coach, Maureen McNamara has been involved with compliance training for decades. With the launch of Sell-SMaRT RVT in 2014 over 15,000 agents have been inspired to know and play by the rules. 

With an influential seat at the table, working with  state regulators and folks from the state health department and stakeholders, Maureen  helped create the RVT curriculum that has been incorporated into state regulations across the country. Sell-SMaRT™ is the first RVT course approved in the world. 

Clients benefit from Maureen’s ability to deliver highly interactive and compelling presentations with creativity, enthusiasm and humor. Each participant is actively involved in their learning process to ensure the skills taught are understood, remembered and used.

What students are saying . . .

really informative

Pay attention, it’s really informative and valuable.

Michelle U.

enhance professionalism in yourself

It is a great tool to enhance professionalism in yourself and team Members.

Rachel H.

good qualities to carry with you at any job

This will help you more than only working for TGS, it has good qualities to carry with you at any job.

Tiffany W.

motivates me to be compliant

Helps me see my job in a new light and motivates me to be compliant.

Scott S.

Essential and informative method

An essential and informative method for conveying essential cannabis industry rules, regulations, and operations to employees new and old alike.

Samuel B
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take the program online?

Yes. The On Demand Sell-SMaRT™ Responsible Vendor Program is 100% online and can be taken from (and is applicable to) anywhere in the world. Enrollment includes a comprehensive 7-module online, video based training led by Maureen McNamara. Pass the online exam with a score of 70% or greater to receive your certificate of completion. PS: we also lead live, facilitator instructed courses across the country.

How long is the course?

Between engaging video content, reading support  material, filling in customizable worksheets, exploring local rules, taking the short quizzes, and studying for the exam, the course takes 4-5+ hours to complete. Start and stop as needed. You’ll want to complete the class and earn your RVT certificate within 30-days of starting the program.

Who should take the Sell-SMaRT™ course?

Cannabis business owners, managers, investors, agents, consultants, and job seekers looking to enter the cannabis industry, get hired by a cannabis company, or current employees seeking to contribute more deeply to their organization will get tremendous benefits from this in depth compliance training.

Can my entire organization take this RVT course?

Absolutely! We love inspiring teams. We ALL have to be compliant to move the industry forward positively. Contact us here for group discounts!

Who is the expert leading the Sell-SMaRT™ program?

An acclaimed facilitator, speaker and coach with 25+ years of experience, Maureen McNamara. With help from professional trainers, an instructional design expert and a savvy tech team this RVT course is a favorite of agents, compliance directors and owners. 

Maureen created and developed the nation’s first regulatory and state health department approved Responsible Vendor Program for cannabis – Sell-SMaRT™ – offering training programs for cannabis industry professionals worldwide.

Maureen has been leading compliance focused courses since the 1900’s and with decades of experience brought her expertise to the cannabis industry back in 2014.

What sets this course apart from other providers?

Sell-SMaRT RVT is a time tested and trusted course. As the first approved course in the world, over 18,000 certificates have been issued. The course goes above and beyond the mandated training to ensure participants remember and implement the important compliance concepts.

Cannabis Trainers- the company that created and manages the Sell-SMaRT course is 100% woman owned and committed to moving the cannabis industry forward with excellence, integrity and professionalism. 

Why should I enroll in this program?

Compliance is essential for operating a licensed business in cannabis… and we make it enjoyable. Mistakes, intentional or unintentional, could end in loss of license or hefty fines- so let’s avoid that. Regulators, law enforcement and the community love to see a commitment to excellence. Achieving a Sell-SMaRT™ certificate demonstrates that you are  knowledgeable, skilled, and credible about working with cannabis compliantly.

When does the course begin?

Purchase the course seat(s) and assign them to yourself or your team. Then, jump right in! Once started, your team will have have 30 days to complete the course and pass the exam to get achieve the certificate of completion. This is a self-paced program. Our team is here to provide guidance and support throughout  the course.

What happens if I don’t pass the exam?

If a participant scores under a 70%, they will have a second chance to achieve a passing score.

Is your RVT course accredited?

The Sell-SMaRT™ Responsible Vendor Program is a State Regulatory and State Health Department reviewed and approved course.   We produce trusted cannabis education led and validated by the experts. With over 18,000 certificates issued, this time tested and trusted course is the go to RVT for MSO’s and independent businesses alike.

Is this course approved in my state?

Likely! Cannabis Trainers™ has received authorization for the Sell-SMaRT™ course to be an approved Responsible Vendor Program in multiple states.

Specialized Training and Exams have been approved for – Massachusetts, Colorado, Maryland, California, Illinois, New York, Missouri, and Ohio.

General RVT courses are available for all other states.

The content covers the necessary details in jurisdictions where training is mandatory/required.

Will there be any mailed, hard copy books or reference materials?

We have a LOT of great materials to share.  Nothing will be mailed. The support materials are available to download, print, and reference at your convenience.

Can any module be visited more than once, to reinforce the concepts?

Absolutely! Review any and all materials as many times as desired prior to the final exam. The exam is closed-book/no notes. Once the exam has been passed (70%+), the course is complete.

What is the investment for the training?

We have a variety of prices depending on how many seats are needed. Seats may be purchased for as low as $57. Seats may be spread across multiple states and do not expire.

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