What Makes Cannabis Products Standout? Three Unique Selling Points You Need to Know

Selling cannabis is becoming an art form. Budtenders are being asked questions about a myriad of topics, from typical questions about strain, potency, and terpenes to product types and extraction. During our courses at Cannabis Trainers, we are starting to also hear that consumers are educating themselves on even more aspects of the plant. As a customer service agent at a dispensary or a cannabis product seller, understanding the unique selling points of the growers or manufacturers of the products you sell can help you provide your customers with superior service and help increase sales. So, what are the three unique selling points of cannabis products that stand out from the rest? Let’s take a look.

Growing Techniques

No two cannabis strains are the same and no two growers use the same techniques. It’s important to know how the cannabis was grown as different techniques can produce different effects. For those looking for a cleaner product, organic and chemical-free growing techniques are important. In order to offer customers the best options, it’s important to know the growing techniques used for the products you sell. When available, educate yourself about not only the plants, but how the various growers produce these plants.

Testing and Compliance

Local and state regulations for cannabis products are constantly changing, so it’s important for growers and manufacturers to stay up-to-date. Products that are tested for compliance with state regulations and product potency are often considered superior to those that have not been tested. Additionally, the absence of unwanted pesticides or metals is important for any consumer. Mandatory cannabis testing in the licensed market is a pivotal aspect of current local and state regulations, which are subject to frequent updates. To remain compliant, growers and manufacturers must stay informed about these evolving requirements. Adherence to state regulations, potency reporting, and testing for the absence of undesirable elements such as pesticides or metals is crucial for consumer safety and satisfaction. To make informed choices, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with growers and manufacturers committed to comprehensive testing, providing valuable guidance to customers seeking assurance in these matters. Educate yourself on those growers and manufacturers who value testing for better guidance to customers asking these questions.

Production Methods

Production methods, packaging, and labeling can also set cannabis products apart. If you have been to one of our Sell-SMaRT RVT trainings, you know we discuss packaging and labeling as a compliance measure. Customers are also impacted by how cannabis products are packaged and labeled. Most consumers seek out clean, convenient, and informative packaging for ease of use and to learn more about the product. The materials used for packaging are also important to many consumers – those that are environmentally-friendly may be preferable. Unique production methods, such as cold distillation, can also provide a cleaner, pure, and better-tasting product. Educating yourself on the various production methods used by growers and manufacturers can help set you and the brands you represent apart from the competition.

There are many factors that play into what sets one cannabis product apart from another. Three important and unique selling points to pay attention to include growing techniques, testing and compliance, and production methods. As a customer service agent or seller in the industry, educating yourself on these points can provide your customers with better service and knowledge to make informed purchasing decisions. Knowing the quality of your products can also help increase sales, influence customer loyalty, and overall success of your business.

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