Why We Believe WBE Certification Makes Cannabis Trainers a Stronger Partner for You

At Cannabis Trainers, we’re proud to be a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE). This distinction isn’t just a badge of honor; it reflects our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and empowering women in the cannabis industry. We believe that being a WBE-certified company brings several tangible benefits to our clients, strengthening the value we offer:

  1. Enhanced Diversity and Inclusion: As a WBE, we contribute to a more diverse and inclusive cannabis industry. This diverse perspective allows us to better understand and address the unique needs of our clients, regardless of their background or identity.
  2. Access to a Wider Talent Pool: By supporting women-owned businesses, we tap into a wider pool of talented individuals, allowing us to attract and retain top-notch trainers with diverse skill sets and experiences. This ultimately translates into better training programs for our clients.
  3. Increased Trust and Credibility: WBE certification signifies our commitment to ethical business practices and high-quality standards. This independent verification adds a layer of trust and credibility, ensuring our clients receive the best possible outsourced compliance training experience.
  4. Commitment to Social Equity: The cannabis industry has faced challenges with racial and social equity. As a WBE, we actively support social equity initiatives and contribute to a more inclusive and equitable marketplace. This commitment aligns with the values of many of our clients, strengthening our partnerships.
  5. Access to New Markets: WBE certification opens doors for us to compete for contracts with corporations and government agencies that prioritize diversity in their supplier base. This allows us to reach a wider audience and expand our services to a larger client base of cannabis organizations throughout the US and Canada.
  6. Alignment with Responsible Business Practices: Many companies today prioritize responsible business practices. Partnering with a WBE demonstrates your commitment to these values and underscores your dedication to social responsibility.
  7. Unlocking Innovation and Growth: By supporting women-owned businesses, you contribute to a more innovative and dynamic cannabis industry. This fosters collaboration and drives progress, ultimately benefiting the entire industry.

Additionally, we are proud to announce our specific certifications:

  • M/WBE Certified in Colorado: This certification allows us to compete for contracts with government agencies and corporations in the state of Colorado that are committed to supporting women-owned and minority-owned businesses.
  • SDO/WBE Certified in Massachusetts: This certification allows us to participate in the Massachusetts Supplier Diversity Office program, which connects WBE-certified businesses with opportunities to work with state agencies and large corporations.

Choosing Cannabis Trainers as your WBE-certified partner means you’re choosing a company that shares your values and commitment to diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility. We believe this shared vision leads to stronger partnerships and better outcomes for everyone involved.

We invite you to learn more and explore how our diverse team of experts can help you achieve your training goals.


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