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Shall We Sell Better?

Do you work in a dispensary?  Is your team great at compliance and selling?

Does the concept of “up-selling”… make you smile or cringe? What if this technique could be used to build deeper relationships with your customers and patients?

We found some tips we’d like to share. First, we prefer to think of this less as “selling’ and more about being an invitation to new products and possibilities that will enhance your customer’s experience and wellness.

We want to be aware and authentic to make appropriate suggestions for the person.  For instance, it may not be fitting to invite a first timer to purchase a rig, torch and 8 grams of concentrate.

Len Markidan has a helpful article in Groove that offers some tips and strategies.  He says, “Upselling doesn’t have to be a dirty word. In fact, it can help you make your customers happier.”

His article offers some tips, including:

  1. When Done Right, Upselling Builds Deeper Relationships With Your Customers
  2. Upselling Is Easier Than Selling to New Customers, and It Helps You Grow
  3. Upselling Increases Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  4. Examples of apps and strategies for your online store has these suggestions: 

  1. Limit your recommendations  (don’t overwhelm your customers with choices)
  2. Try bundling 
  3. Know your customers (ask questions about what they’d like to experience, improve their wellness)
  4. Don’t overdo it (only pick a few items that might match your customer’s needs)
  5. Keep the rule of 25 in mind (never upsell or cross sell items that are more than 25% of the original order)

We encourage you to help your team see the advantage of being a great guide for your customers.

Imagine more and more people coming back to your store (loyalty!!) thanking YOU for the product you invited them to try that was an unexpected game changer for their wellness.

Need more help on this topic? Reach out to us-  We have a few tricks up our sweet sleeves and would be happy to contribute to your team’s professional development.




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