To Discount or Not To Discount – Is this allowed in the Massachusetts cannabis industry?

Cannabis Trainers has noticed an up-tick in questions about the ability to discount cannabis in the adult-use market. Every state has different rules, and we always encourage our clients to know both state and local restrictions. Within Massachusetts, we cite the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission that states “No, an ME may not offer free or reduced-price Marijuana or Marijuana Products as part of a marketing scheme or rewards program” (Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission n.d.) While the medical side of cannabis sales allows full discounting programs to ensure that medicine is never withheld from a patient in need, the recreational side of cannabis does not allow for discounting. However, like many of you, we have seen some special offers on this side of the business.

Folks are getting creative and are finding ways to offer discounts, NOT as “part of a marketing scheme”,  not as part of “advertising”, but for people that select to opt in to hear directly from a dispensary about specials. As a reminder to our Massachusetts partners, here is a quick review of the ways you can market your adult-use dispensaries:


Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission. Frequently Asked Questions . n.d. (accessed November 11, 2022).


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