Cannabis Legalization Expands with 2022 Midterm Elections

Two more states legalized adult-use cannabis consumption during the recent mid-term elections. Welcome to Maryland and Missouri! Both states will allow people 21 years or older to consume cannabis recreationally, bringing us to 21 states plus the District of Columbia. The three states that also had adult-use cannabis consumption on the ballot rejected passing the law but only narrowly. South Dakota, North Dakota, and Arkansas all report between 44% and 47% of the population are ready to pass adult-use regulations for cannabis (Leafly 2022). This just shows the plant is gaining popularity and beginning to truly break through the past stigmas surrounding cannabis.

Cannabis Trainers is ready for the “green wave” when cannabis finally moves to a federally legal status. Each state will (and does) have some nuanced laws about the sale of cannabis but many of the laws from state to state are the same. This means our on-demand responsible vendor training is ready for all to start the education process to protect their businesses, their badges, and their customers. We currently have customized training for the states of Colorado, (where we were one of the first in the country!), Massachusetts, Ohio, California, Missouri, and Illinois, with curriculum submitted for approval in Maryland. We’re ready for New York agents  and our on-demand training can be used in any of the other 16 states, District of Columbia, and even Canada, where responsible vendor training and continuing education is encouraged if not yet mandated. 

Our on-demand Responsible Vendor Training  empowers dispensary agents, front-facing workers, even cultivators and inventory managers, to participate in the legal and safe sale of cannabis. Our five-part program includes:

  • Cannabis laws and our responsibilities
  • Safety and security
  • ID checking best practices
  • Handling tricky situations
  • Safe consumption guidance

Since 2014, Cannabis Trainers has been working to raise the level of professionalism, integrity, and compliance within the industry. Past participants have reported:

“Exceeded my expectations!”

“Very engaging!”

“Love the feet-in-the-street, real life examples.”

“They know how to make compliance training interesting.”

As your state begins to open up to both medical and adult-use consumption of cannabis, consider working with the OG of cannabis training. On-demand, live, and custom programs are available. Most importantly, continue to educate yourself and your staff to keep the momentum moving towards federal legalization. Knowledge and best practices in the cannabis industry is the key to changing mindsets. 

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Leafly. Election 2022: Marijuana legalization results and live coverage . November 9, 2022.


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