Giving Season for Cannabis Non Profits

As the season for giving is upon us, it is important to remember that the cannabis industry also has a non-profit sector that could use your support. These organizations range from cannabis education to legislative lobbyists to worker coalitions. Cannabis Trainers donates money annually to SSDP and  Cannabis Doing Good. We have also presented at various organizations like Parabola Center about the responsible sale of cannabis. We invite you to check out the mission to any of these NGOs listed below and join us in supporting the non-profit organizations that support the industry. If you’re looking for additional ideas on where to show your support or donate money, here are a few ideas to get you started: 

  1. Marijuana Policy Project
  2. Students for Sensible Drug Policy
  3. Supernova Women
  4. Minority Cannabis Business Association
  5. Americans for Safe Access
  6. Parabola Center for Law and Policy

Additionally,  Willamette Week published a list of six organizations that support the cannabis industry. To learn about each of these organizations, here is the full article:


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