Who do you want to become?

It’s January, the season for new beginnings, fresh starts, tabula rasa.

If you’re like most people, you’ve made some New Year’s Resolutions.  Now that we’re a couple weeks in, how are things going?

The thing I find “interesting” about New Year’s Resolutions is that we often repeat them year after year. Can you relate to any of these classics:

  • “Get control of my finances”
  • “Invest the time needed to move into a leadership role in my company”
  • “Be a better parent, friend, co-worker…”
  • “Lose enough weight to fit into the favorite jeans”
  • “Clean out the garage so we can finally park the cars in there”
  • “Focus my energy on growing my business and watch it thrive”
  • “Learn to throat punch properly” (JK! You probably mastered that in 2009.)

Why spend time building a new resolution, when so often we never get around to accomplishing last year’s in the first place?  While I’m mostly saying this sarcastically, there is some truth to this pattern that most of us share.  It’s hard to get out of our own way and make changes when we are comfortable and used to how things in our life work.

What if we see our potential and what we desire in a new way? 

This year I’m taking a new look at how I plan to make and keep my commitment to my team, my company and myself in 2017.  What’s my plan? 

Instead of resolutions – I’m thinking about what I would like to ADD to my life. Things like Focus, Collaboration, Amusement are a few ingredients that I’ll be creating with in 2017.

Instead of perfection – I’m thinking in terms of progress.  Incremental steps that move the needle (even slightly) and celebrating our wins. And, we’re committed to celebrating the greatness in our community as well (see below).

Check out this post from Michael Hyatt that includes some great info on creating goals and a few apps that may create more ease for you to reach your targets.

For those of you on a journey to grow your already successful cannabis business through activism, launching a new idea, sales growth or navigating the complex web of newly added states and their regulations, make an investment in yourself.  Consider working with a business coach (ahem… Maureen McNamara). Our team at Cannabis Trainers create what you desire with more ease.

Who do you want to become?

We encourage you to always be your most authentic self- no one else! And, is it possible that there is an even more fabulous version of yourself ready to be revealed?




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