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This is a Bub-a-licious section and we’re proud to recognize Bub, from The Station!

Bub attended one of our Sell-SMaRT™ Responsible Vendor classes and it was clear he is a leader at The Station.  

He was thorough, engaged, and reached out to us after the class when an important packaging compliance question came up.  We appreciate his attention to detail, kindness, respect for all, and excellent customer service management skills.                                                                      

What The Station says about Bub…

Bub and Bali

As an employee of The Station in Boulder, Colorado, Alexander, who prefers Bub, is held to a high standard of providing stellar customer service all the while maintaining seamless compliancy. Anyone who knows Bub appreciates his kind hearted nature, genuine understanding, vast knowledge of cannabis products, but most importantly his dedication to Colorado regulations. We are overjoyed to say Bub is a part of our team and believe he truly completes our well rounded staff. The assistance of the Cannabis Trainers program has given us a secure advantage in this industry. Cannabis Trainers continues to answer any questions our crew might have, particularly as they pertain to sales and marketing, a crucial part of our business. Utilizing their expertise within the cannabis industry means we can committedly and openly state we are doing our very best to remain compliant as a whole. We at The Station sincerely strive for authentic, professional, and courteous customer service, and this is where Bub is our biggest asset. Above all else we can wholeheartedly rely on him to support our customers and commerce any day of the week.”  -Jaclyn Stafford, Assistant Manager  


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