New Year ~ New Opportunities

From the Cannabis Trainers team, we wish you, your friends and your loved ones, the best of health, prosperity, and happiness in 2017! And lots of laughter and joy of course too.

Here are a few tips to be compliant, safe, and healthy as we jump into this New Year: although this may sound basic…that’s the point…it’s easy!  Why not bring more ease into your life and business?

1) You Can Do It!  Start with a smile!  Although it can be a busy time of year, remember your team is there to help. Smiling is easy and can help you get through challenging situations and is the best way to send out positive energy into your work space.  Smiling is contagious.

2) Wash thy hands frequently, because some contagious things you don’t want to share! Whether you are in a kitchen preparing edibles or in a store selling them, frequent hand washing will keep YOU healthy and your consumers too.  Maybe encourage your employer to use locally made organic soap.  It is easier on your hands.

3) Encourage safe consumption! We always desire that our consumers have a pleasant/ healing experience with cannabis. You may encounter new consumers that are choosing to add cannabis into their wellness plan to start the year. Remind your peeps to take it easy…”Start Low & Go Slow!”

4) Build loyalty! Whether you are working with a regular patient or a new visitor, rapport building is key. Use their names (you have access to names right there on their ID) and invite them back! Think of easy ways to remember their names. People really appreciate excellent customer service! 

Check out these upcoming amazing industry events…

You may be rockin’ your current position, if you have friends or family interested
in getting into the industry, have them join us at the Vangst Career Fair:

Vangst Talent’s Career Fair  

JANUARY 19th 2017 

2:00 – 8:00 PM

City Hall

1144 Broadway, Denver, Co 80203


Then you’ll want to ease on down the road to the NCIA Seed to Sale Show Jan. 31 – Feb. 1                                                                                                                      meet


        The fun continues and you’ll want to join us for the huge
                       Women Grow Leadership Summit
                                February 1st – 3rd 


Hundreds of current and up-and-coming industry leaders come together in Denver to get connected, educated, and empowered at the largest gathering of cannabis industry women anywhere. Women and men from across the country will come together to share their stories and insights during three intense days of learning and networking in the Mile High City.


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