Thriving in the holidays!

Are you hoping to SURVIVE the holiday season? 


What if instead… you could THRIVE!

We know that this time of year can be a blend of fun, wild, exciting and stressful.  

Your patients,  co-workers, boss, neighbor and zany uncle may be showing their crazy sides! 


What if you let go of the ‘shoulds’ that create resistance in your life and that space opened up for more joy and inspiraton?

This season, we invite you to explore self-care:

  • Be thoughtful about setting boundaries and being aware of your schedule to have a healthy, happy, holiday with harmony.
  • Ask yourself “Will this experience be energy-fueling or energy- draining?” Choose what is going to be most expansive for YOU.
  • Create win-win solutions if you choose to say “no” to a holiday event as you say “yes” to yourself.


Set aside some time before the year’s end and reflect on:

  • What are you most proud of?
  • What did you accomplish that surprised you?
  • What can you release?
  • What would you like to add to your life?



Now, envision the year ahead and consider the experiences that you would like to have in 2017.
Begin to see and sense those becoming a reality. Notice what it will feel like… who will you be high fiving when these things occur for you?!!

Let’s invite more of THAT into our lives!!

Grab a friend and ask what they desire in 2017, and share your vision as well. When we speak aloud our desires and vision it, it is much more likely to show up. This is a different exercise that creating resolutions. Think of this as simply inviting more greatness into your life!!

Today (for us in the Northern Hemisphere) we’ll experience the fewest daylight hours of the year- Winter Solstice.

Tomorrow, we’ll get to experience more light.

Here’s to your Light & Bright Future!!


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