A Quick Guide to Selling the “Best Weed Ever”

How do YOU Sell the “Best Weed Ever?”

By: Kenzie Gobillot

When people think about their favorite flower, they often remember the smell, the flavor, perhaps the terpenes if they did their homework. Most importantly, they remember the way it made them feel. From high potency to high CBD, people will always have their preferences, making the “best weed ever” subjective to the consumer.

When a new customer walks in with wonder in their eyes, there’s usually one question on his or her mind: “what’s the best flower you’ve got?” While some people may just blurt out the highest potency strain, and get them out the door, your job is to find the best flowerfor that person.

Here are a few simple tips that will have your customers coming back again and again.

1. Know your strains. The more you know about your strains the easier and quicker it will be to get your customer consuming the right flower for them. During down time, research your available strains, look at them, smell them, when you go home, enjoy them!

A combination of research and personal experience will give you the ability to inform your customer while also conversing about why you may like or even dislike the strain. It also opens a more personable and trusting environment for you and your customer.

2. Just ask!  As much as we like to think that customers will communicate their needs with ease and openness, more often than not, it takes a few simple questions to satisfy a customer’s wishes.

Some questions that can get a good conversation going include:

How do you like to consume?

What effects do you most enjoy/dislike?

What do you like to do when you consume?

Be sure to have some answers of your own at the ready, so the conversation can flow naturally and you can educate them through your own experience.

3.  Use language that anyone can understand. As a cannabis aficionado, it’s easy to get
caught up in the terpene profiles, the trichomes, and all the fun factoids that you’ve learned. 
The average customer doesn’t always have that knowledge, so it’s important to use language that
is approachable. And that’s not to say to dumb-down your spiel, you still want your customer to
feel like they’re informed. When using terminology that the average person might not know, a
quick simple explanation can clear any confusion and make your customer feel like they’re
learning rather than just being talked at.

4.  Find the strain that will benefit them. New consumers like to think they can grab anything and have a great time, but in reality, buying flower is like buying a car. Some strains are like minivans; comforting, a little slow, but great for a soccer mom who does it all. Others are like Ferraris; fast hitting, feels cool, but may leave your head spinning.

As a seller, you have the knowledge to find the features that will benefit their specific lifestyle.

The more you know about your customer, the easier it is to make suggestions. Perhaps, you can encourage a strain with
caryophyllene to help stimulate the appetite or an indica with a lot of linalool for the night owl looking for some much-needed sleep.

With these tips, you’ll have your customers raving about their favorite new strain. They will walk out knowing all about their selected flower, should have a good idea of what effects they may experience, and can tell their friends about YOU- their incredible guide. And you can delight the next customer in their quest to “find their best weed ever”.

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