Educate and Consequence

Navigating the changing laws for the sale of cannabis in each state while maintaining a great customer experience can be challenging. Many of the consumers who visit dispensaries, especially the adult-use segment, may not know the rules. So how can you help educate the consumers while maintaining professionalism and compliance? Cannabis Trainers has a few ideas for you. 

During our training sessions, we remind dispensary workers that the best way to protect themselves and their customers is to consistently educate folks about the rules, then share potential consequences from breaking the rules. A great example is when you observe a customer begin to unwrap a product in front of you in the store or as they are leaving the facility. Educate and consequence may sound like this: 

“We know you’re excited to look at and try what you’ve just purchased. And, opening a product or consuming it in our store or other public areas is illegal. This could result in a citation for you and me!” 


“We need to let you know; all cannabis products must stay enclosed in the original package. Opening your cannabis instore or in the parking lot could result in me losing my badge and my job! Plus, you could receive a hefty fine for public consumption. Once you are safely at a private place/ residence, open up and enjoy!” 

The key takeaway is to remember to educate consumers first. They may be unaware of daily sales limits or that taking product out-of-state is illegal. They may bring in products they have enjoyed in the past to share with you, which is also illegal. Once you have let the consumer know the rules, then let them know what could happen if the rules are not followed. This can be done professionally. Practice talk-tracks with the other employees so you feel comfortable when an opportunity to educate arises. 

One of the best ways to protect yourself and your customers is to stay on top of the rules. Of course, we recommend annual attendance of our responsible vendor training, Sell-SMaRT, where we keep you up to date. We also send out educational emails and invitations to complimentary webinars that share best practices. Watch your inbox for these classes to stay in the know! 


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