420 Tips for happy customers!

Ahh, the delights of 420 fun.

Dispensary teams, are you ready?

Big appreciation for the farmers, cultivators, trimmers, manufacturers, packagers and transporters! We know you’ve been hustling to supply your dispensary partners with excellent product. Now, perhaps you can take a deep exhale or maybe a big inhale 😉

Tips for a Fun/ Compliant Holiday

  • Order ahead

If you haven’t already, reach out to your regulars/ your list to encourage people to plan ahead. In states where it’s legal, encourage pre-orders. Make Monday magically enticing with specials to help reduce the high-volume traffic this weekend.  

  • Manage the line

Have extra staff on hand whose only job is to keep people informed and happy. The best way to prevent disgruntled people is to ensure they’re gruntled (oh yeahhh- it’s a real word). Track how long the wait is and share frequent updates with your customers in queue. Work the line to answer questions and help people be well informed about products before they shop. This keeps people engaged, creates good vibes and reduces wait times.

  • Service Excellence

Whether you’re interacting with a favorite frequent shopper or a new customer, pause to connect. You may feel pressure to hustle people in/out… AND, the best practice is to ask a couple open ended questions to ensure customers get a product they’ll enjoy. Your team that’s managing the line can really help with pre-selling and information sharing. Take a moment to offer other merchandise as well. “You know what goes great with ½ ounce of Rainbow Unicorn? These hoodies!” **show fabulous hoodie**

  • Compliance: always & all ways

Take – your – time. When its wildly busy, stay wildly attentive to the details. There is no legal defense called: “I was really busy”. Spend time with each ID, stay attentive to sales limits and coach people to consume safely & responsibly. Remind people where they may legally consume.  

  • Find the amusement

Keep a positive attitude during busy times. This helps the feathers from ruffling and makes the workday fly by. If you see a co-worker struggling or stressed out, jump in to assist and help them see the lighter side.


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