Applying Knowles’ Five Assumptions of Adult Learners to Cannabis Training

Staying compliant and knowledgeable is crucial for success for any cannabis-related organization. At Cannabis Trainers, we understand that adult learning differs significantly from traditional education methods. Our training programs, particularly our Sell-SMaRT™  Responsible Vendor Training (RVT), are designed with Malcolm Knowles’ Five Assumptions of Adult Learners in mind. These principles ensure that our training is effective, engaging, and relevant to cannabis industry professionals.

Understanding Knowles’ Five Assumptions of Adult Learners

Malcolm Knowles’ theory of andragogy, (a fancy way of saying adult education) focuses on how adults learn. This includes five assumptions that are key principles.  Understanding these has helped Cannabis Trainers to develop effective teaching strategies for adult learners, making our RVT programs superior to others in the market. Let’s review each of the five assumptions and how they play a role in making sure our attendees and participants get the most out of our training sessions. 

  1. Self-Concept

Assumption: Adults are self-directed and take responsibility for their own learning.

At Cannabis Trainers, we empower our learners to take control of their educational journeys. Our on-demand RVT programs are flexible, allowing participants to access materials and complete modules at their own pace. This self-directed approach ensures that busy professionals can integrate learning into their schedules seamlessly.

  1. Experience

Assumption: Adults bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the learning environment.

We recognize that each participant comes with unique experiences and insights. Our training sessions, both live and on-demand, are interactive and encourage the sharing of personal experiences. This collaborative environment enriches the learning process and helps professionals relate new information to their existing knowledge base, a cornerstone requirement to adult learning.

  1. Readiness to Learn

Assumption: Adults are motivated to learn when they see the relevance and value in it for their lives.

Cannabis Trainers ensures that our programs are highly relevant to the current needs of the cannabis industry. By focusing on real-world applications and up-to-date compliance requirements, we demonstrate the immediate value of our training. Professionals are more engaged and motivated when they understand how the content directly impacts their roles and responsibilities.

  1. Orientation to Learning

Assumption: Adults are problem-centered learners, focusing on real-life issues and tasks.

Our training modules are designed around practical, problem-solving scenarios that professionals in the cannabis industry face daily. By simulating real-life challenges, we help learners develop practical skills that they can apply immediately in their work environments. This problem-centered approach enhances retention and application of knowledge.

  1. Motivation to Learn

Assumption: Adults are motivated by internal factors, such as personal satisfaction and professional growth.

At Cannabis Trainers, we tap into the intrinsic motivations of our learners. Our programs emphasize professional development and personal growth, encouraging participants to achieve their career goals. By highlighting the benefits of continuous learning and staying compliant, we inspire professionals to invest in their education enthusiastically. This is evident through our RVT training AND supplemental training, like our supervisors training program and our extracts courses

Why Choose Cannabis Trainers?

Cannabis Trainers stands out in the industry for our commitment to adult learning principles. Our Sell-SMaRT™  Responsible Vendor Training (RVT) is not just about meeting legal requirements; it’s about fostering a culture of continuous improvement and professional excellence. Here’s why our training is the best choice for cannabis industry professionals:

  • Expert Curation: Our curriculum is designed by industry experts who understand the specific needs and challenges of the cannabis sector.
  • Engaging Content: We use multimedia resources, interactive activities, and real-world scenarios to make learning engaging and effective.
  • Compliance Regulator Approved: Not only is our content highly engaging and informative. It is also regularly reviewed by various state regulators to ensure we are meeting the needs of both the learners and the law. 


Adopting Knowles’ Five Assumptions of Adult Learners has enabled Cannabis Trainers to create training programs that are not only educational but also transformative. By understanding and applying these principles, we ensure that our training is relevant, impactful, and tailored to the unique needs of cannabis industry professionals.

Ready to elevate your knowledge and skills? Sign up for our Sell-SMaRT™ Responsible Vendor Training (RVT) today and join a community committed to excellence and compliance in the cannabis industry.


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