Fundmentals of Supervision

Rockin' Your Supervisory Role

July 9, 2024

10am MT / 12pm ET
(2-hr online course)

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In This Interactive Online Training

Thrive and advance with the right training and commitment to best practices!

The Fundamentals of Supervision is targeted to current and future leaders who are building their skills to excel in a supervisory role. Register NOW.

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  • Excel And Build Effective Teams

    Create trust, credibility and collaboration with entire team

  • Advance Your Career

    Build new skills to move into a supervisor position

  • Lead By Example

    Exude fairness, transparency and consistency

  • Develop Confidence

    Become more self-aware and self-managed

Your course Instructor

john mancusco authentic communications photo

John Mancusco

Trainer, Facilitator and Coach

John Mancuso, Owner/Founder of Authentic Communication Matters, loves the dynamism and diversity of cannabis. He is very proud to be a facilitator with Cannabis Trainers, where he also gets to help new supervisors thrive in their roles.

John also serves on the board of CanXL Holdings, a business specializing in helping (cannabis) businesses navigate the complexity of ever-evolving regulation.

Who is this Training For?

  • New Supervisors just starting out
  • Supervisors seeking additional professional development and tools to improve their managerial effectiveness
  • Go getters about to interview for a new position

"... Employees Quit Their Jobs Because Of A Bad Manager..." !!

A study conducted before the Great Resignation, reported that 87% of business leaders made retaining employees the number-one priority. Additional research cites that 40% of employees who rate their supervisor poorly, have interviewed for new jobs in the last three months.

Nearly half of employees quit their jobs because of a bad manager. 56% of employees think managers are promoted prematurely and 60% think managers need managerial training.

GOOD NEWS – people can learn to be good managers; and good managers can create healthy workplaces where people remain loyal, dedicated employees. Level Up your skills and retain good employees, REGISTER NOW

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