Whose Job Is It To Educate Cannabis Consumers?

MJBizDaily mentions the need for cannabis employees to educate consumers on the responsible consumption of cannabis. At Cannabis Trainers, we also understand the need for education. Budtenders and cannabis retail agents who attend our courses, share stories about consumers lacking general knowledge about cannabis. They also express a trepidation about how to educate responsibly while staying within the laws (i.e.; not offering medical advice). The industry is rampant with misinformation about the plant and retailers address that, along with fielding questions about best uses for cannabis. MJBizDaily suggests how investing in educating employees properly, can actually keep a licensed premises safe, while building a loyal following. 


Educating consumers – https://mjbizdaily.com/how-cannabis-store-owners-can-improve-woefully-inadequate-consumer-education/



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