What makes your team happy?

Fostering happy employees, creates more productive teams.  

Want to improve your retention rate for keeping new hires?  You may have invested time and money into new employees and some people quit after a month, consequently, by not being fulfilled or happy.   We hear this often and we want YOU to thrive.  

So many customers and patients walk in to a dispensary for the first time and if they’re not greeted well or made welcome, they will most likely take their business, ie: CASH, someplace else, and as a result you’ve lost that customer.    

                                                                                                                                                                      Happy employees set the tone and feel of the shop 

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They enjoy their job and appreciate the value of offering excellent customer service.

It’s true.  Happy employees yield higher productivity.  Retention rates are higher with happy/satisfied employees.

Customers come back and tell their friends and family about your shop. 

You are creating loyal fans!

The Denver Post published an article by John Brandon, of Inc., on June 25, 2017 with 10 things that show a company gets it right.  

Here they are: Signs of greatness at YOUR company:
  1. Everyone is having fun
  2. People are open-minded
  3. People are empathetic to others needs
  4. The expectations are clear
  5. Grace is prevalent
  6. The roles are defined
  7. Everyone sees and rewards hard work
  8. Employees are happy
  9. Mentoring is more important than performance
  10. There is a great leader! 

How is your team doing? Nailing all 10 of these? Feel free to include your team and request their feedback on where  the opportunities may be!

We offer Professional Development training with some of the following workshops:
  1. 5-Star Service Excellence
  2. “I’m sorry, what was your name?”
  3. Getting to YES~ Increasing Sales!
  4. Calming the Cranky…
  5. Powerful Presence
  6. Creating a Thriving Team
  7. Inspirational and Persuasive Communication
  8. Coaching and Corrective Coaching

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