Appreciation – Thank you, Alex!

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We are honored to recognize Alex G. Valvasorri.  

He is a Chief Compliance Officer & Co-Founder of Complia.

Q: We asked Alex what he loves about the cannabis industry?   

A: It’s such a rare opportunity to help patients in need while also being a part of an explosive new industry.  I’ve also had the pleasure of getting to know so many interesting people from so many different walks of life through my participation in the industry.  I feel like folks in the industry can really be themselves as opposed to putting on a corporate facade.  It’s really refreshing.

Q:  What wisdom would you share with someone new to the cannabis industry?

A: Be patient and persistent!  When I was first trying to crack into the industry, I really put myself out there and faced a lot of rejection.  This is a chaotic and fast paced industry, so it takes serious effort to get the attention of the right people.  Also, don’t be afraid to tackle new challenges.  When I first became involved in the industry, I had no idea compliance would end up being my niche.  Keep an open mind and always expand your horizons!

Complia is the Quickbooks of marijuana compliance.

Complia offers comprehensive record management, alerts for critical license/compliance related deadlines, test data tracking, employee tracking, and much more.  Complia works with three of the ten largest operators in Colorado among many others.  Feel free to reach Alex at if you’d like to learn more!


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