What is the Best Job Title for Your Cannabis Industry Customer Service Representative?

In the cannabis industry, customer service representatives are an important link between dispensaries and customers. Not only do they provide customers with product information and advice, but they also help ensure that customers have a positive experience and leave feeling satisfied. But what should you call your cannabis industry customer service representative? Should they be called dispensary agents, advocates, or budtenders? Let’s explore each option.

Dispensary Agents: Dispensary agents are employees of a dispensary who have been trained to provide excellent customer service to patrons. This job title suggests that these individuals are knowledgeable about cannabis products and the laws governing their sale and consumption in their jurisdiction. They should be able to answer questions from customers in a professional manner and help them find the best product for their needs. Dispensary agents should also be familiar with relevant state regulations and be able to handle any legal issues that arise during sales transactions.

Advocates: Advocates are people who advocate for the overall health of both consumers and businesses in the cannabis industry. They promote safe practices for consuming cannabis products as well as advocate for regulations that protect consumers from fraudulent companies or products containing unlisted ingredients. This job title suggests that these individuals are passionate about the industry, knowledgeable about its products and regulations, and want to use their platform to support responsible business practices within it .

Budtenders: Budtenders are people working in dispensaries who provide assistance to customers when selecting products. This job title suggests that they can offer advice on different strains of cannabis as well as methods of consumption such as smoking, vaping, or edibles. Budtenders should also know how best to store certain types of products such as edibles or concentrates so that they remain fresh longer than if stored improperly. They should also be familiar with state regulations regarding marijuana sales so that they can properly advise customers on legal limits for purchasing amounts or possession laws in their state or city.

When choosing a job title for your customer service representative in the cannabis industry, it is important to consider what type of assistance you will need from them before deciding which option is right for you. All three titles—dispensary agent, advocate, and budtender—have unique qualities associated with them which make them ideal candidates depending on your needs as a company or dispensary owner/license holder. Ultimately though, it is up to you to decide which one best suits your business’s particular requirement when hiring customer service personnel! Regardless of what titles you provide to your staff, ALL of them should receive continuing education to keep your customers and patients informed. Consider Cannabis Trainers as your training partner for RVT, leadership, and general cannabis education.

We are curious! What title does your company use for dispensary agents? Just comment below. We would love to know. 


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