Top Resources for Staying Current on Changing Cannabis Laws in the US

The cannabis industry in the US grows every day as more states adopt laws that legalize recreational/adult-use and/or medical use of marijuana. As laws continue to change, staying updated on regulation and trends remains crucial. Both online and offline resources are an excellent way to keep up with the cannabis industry. This blog aims to share the top resources we often use at Cannabis Trainers for staying current on changing cannabis laws in the US, especially for customer service agents, budtenders, dispensary workers, and anyone else within the industry. 

Marijuana Moment

Marijuana Moment is a US-based news and analysis platform that provides comprehensive cannabis coverage. They describe their service as the most valuable and reliable platform for staying informed about marijuana politics, business, and policy. Marijuana Moment is an excellent option for staying up-to-date on all aspects of the cannabis industry.

Marijuana Business Daily

Marijuana Business Daily is a leading B2B news source that covers the cannabis industry, from the latest trends to market insights across medical and recreational markets. They offer an excellent platform for staying updated with the business side of the cannabis market. The site also includes exclusive data, analysis, and market intelligence.

National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA)

NCIA is a non-profit trade group that aims to serve the needs of the legal cannabis industry. They offer many resources for businesses, including advocacy work, business events, and webinars. NCIA is excellent for staying current on federal policy changes that will affect the cannabis industry in the US.


Leafly is an online resource for medical and recreational cannabis users, cannabis retailers, and healthcare providers as it helps the public understand the effects of different cannabis strains. As a budtender especially, understanding the market’s products is crucial to your ability to provide accurate guidance and support. Leafly also shows the availability of specific strains in different places.


NORML is a national organization that advocates for the legalization of marijuana. They offer a wealth of information on cannabis laws, cannabis policy, and legal actions that could impact the industry. Their website has a lot of resources that dispensary agents can use to provide enlightenment to clients.

As professionals in the cannabis industry, staying informed about changes in laws and regulations will help you deliver the best service possible to clients. The resources listed above are among a few of the best for staying current on the cannabis industry. They offer reliable and updated information that is essential to understanding the market, product offerings, and legal landscape. Regularly following these resources, among others, will ensure you stay informed as the cannabis industry continues to expand across the US. Of course, this list is not exhaustive. At Cannabis Trainers, we rely on hundreds of federal, state, and local publications to keep our Sell-SMaRT RVT training programs current and highly reliable for the latest information available. If you need more suggestions, contact us. We are happy to share!


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