Summer Is Here. Do You Know Your Cannabis Rules?

The summer season is here! Do you know where your cannabis rules stand? We all know the laws and regulations shift around the cannabis industry. Let’s be reminded of a few rules related to cannabis that may be commonly overlooked, especially during the summer vacation season. 

Summer Consumption

Social consumption lounges may be rolling out in a few states. This does not mean it is ok to consume cannabis publicly. It may be tempting to bring your stash camping or carry a pre-roll to the concert, but public consumption is not allowed and can carry hefty fines or even jail time in some states. Remember, no consumption of cannabis in federal campgrounds, state parks, concert venues or while consuming alcohol. 

Summer Helpers

Many companies hire new employees during the summer months to help with the increase in demand. Have you added Responsible Vendor Training (RVT) to your onboarding process? Consider investing in programs like our Sell-SMaRT training to not only know the laws, but also how to speak compliantly about cannabis and dealing with tricky customer service issues. The more your employees know the laws and their responsibilities, the more protected your licensed facility becomes.

Summer Travel

Road trips and air travel increase exponentially during the summer months. While you’re out on your travels, if you’re staying at a private residence and in a state where adult-use cannabis is now legal, stop in to some of the local dispensaries. Each state is a little different making it great fun to visit and see how other dispensaries are running operations. Word of caution, however. It’s still illegal to transport cannabis from one state to another. Always keep in mind, what is purchased in the state must be enjoyed in that same state. Bring home the fun memories, not the product.

We at Cannabis Trainers want to wish you a wonderful summer season. Thank you for doing what you do to move the industry forward with integrity, professionalism and compliance! And, upholding all of the laws. If your organization needs a refresher on these laws, keep us in mind! 


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