Make Cannabis Compliance Training Engaging and Educational for Better Results

Compliance training is essential in the cannabis industry. It helps ensure everyone understands the organization’s regulatory requirements and adheres to them. And, compliance training may be perceived as a boring and daunting task for employees. Lack of engagement can be detrimental to the success of a compliance program. Thus, more organizations are looking for providers with more novel approaches to create a more fun and engaging experience for their employees. In this blog post, we will discuss why making cannabis compliance training fun and educating is more effective and how we create an experience for adult learners to improve their chances of incorporating knowledge into their work, ultimately protecting their badge and the organization’s license(s).

Engage learners with interactive learning exercises.

Interactive learning exercises increase learner engagement and encourage active participation. Examples include quizzes, games, and role-playing activities. They help to make the learning experience fun and memorable. With interactive exercises, employees are likely to remember compliance requirements better and apply them effectively in their work. Additionally, interactive learning exercises incorporate critical thinking to reinforce new information and put it into practice.

Use policy scenarios to stimulate work-life applications

Policies and regulations, while necessary, can be cumbersome to understand. Employees can find it challenging to implement what they learn on the job. Scenario-based training is an effective method that uses real-life situations to help learners apply what they learn in actual work environments. In the cannabis industry, scenarios could range from the packaging of products, record-keeping requirements, or labeling guidelines. Incorporating policy scenarios also encourages employees to think critically and find creative solutions while staying in compliance.

Encourage collaboration and group activities

Collaboration and group activities can make cannabis compliance training more enjoyable and effective. The impact of compliance policies and regulations often echoes throughout the entire organization, making it essential to foster a company culture that prioritizes compliance. Encouraging employees to work together and share their experiences can deepen the employee’s understanding of compliance policies and regulations. Collaborative learning activities also allow learners to exchange feedback, engage in discussions, and work together to develop solutions to compliance challenges.

Use humor to relieve stress and make learning more fun

Training, for some, may be tedious (Bueller? Bueller?) and stressful; hence humor can help make it more engaging. A light-hearted approach to compliance training should not diminish the seriousness of its importance. Humor can be used to introduce difficult topics, relieve tension and reluctance, and make it easier to remember essential information. It also helps to break up long training days and keep employees’ attention.

People who have experienced an in-person, Zoom, or on-demand training session with Cannabis Trainers can attest that all four of these core elements are present in our cannabis compliance training programs. Compliance training is essential. And, often mandatory. Incorporating fun, interactive, and educational training methods can make it more engaging, effective, and rewarding for employees. By using relatable scenarios, group activities, humor, and interactive exercises, Responsible Vendor Training (RVT) providers like Cannabis Trainers create an engaging training program that employees enjoy and remember. A more fun, collaborative learning approach to compliance training improves employee outcomes, reduces turnover and increases compliance across the organization. Making cannabis compliance fun and educational for employees keeps them engaged and motivated while ensuring your organization stays within the guidelines of compliance policies and regulations. Learn about upcoming live trainings available through Cannabis Trainers or schedule a Sell-SMaRT™ RVT training session for your team to optimize the effectiveness to protect employees AND the  organization.


Past Participants Report:

“Amazing instructor! “

“An essential and informative method.”

“You will learn more than you think!”

“Worth your time.”


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