Keeping everyone healthy: edibles that are SAFE!

Simple techniques can keep you, your patients,
and customers healthy and well.

We’ve been asked what is the biggest risk for cannabis infused foods. If an infused product is implicated in a foodborne illness outbreak- it will be devastating to that company and the industry. 

The truth is, every single year in the United States millions of people get a foodborne illness. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) 2,000-3,000 people die every year because of it. 

It is likely that cannabis will be blamed even if a different ingredient was at fault. 

We know that our commitment to creating products designed to contribute to people’s wellness must be beyond reproach. As a 20+ year facilitator of food safety training- we welcome you to come learn more!

The Team at Sweet Grass Kitchen knows food safety!

Julie Berliner & the team at Sweet Grass Kitchen are committed to safe edibles!

We lead food safety classes for the cannabis industry. 

Join us at an upcoming course:

Denver, CO ~ Sept. 19th

Anaheim, CA ~ Sept. 20th

Check out information about the Norovirus!

Norovirus is the leading cause of foodborne illness outbreaks in the United States. When you’ve heard stories of “Cruise ship with 483 people throwing up on each other…” it’s likely the Norovirus.

Norovirus attacks the digestive system and is easily passed from person to person primarily with poor handwashing and through ready to heat foods (foods that don’t require heating before consumption).

Want to avoid severe vomiting and diarrhea, nausea, low-grade fever and chills, and headache and muscle aches? We all do. And, keep in mind that you may be creating products for patient’s that could already have a comprimised immune system. This is even tougher for them! 

3 things you need to know about Norovirus:

  1. It can survive on surfaces and utensils for weeks
  2. It can remain infectious in food at freezing temperatures and even in some cooked foods
  3. It can resist many common disinfectants and sanitizers

Here’s how Norovirus spreads:

  • By consuming contaminated food or drink
  • By touching contaminated people, objects or surfaces
  • By breathing airborne virus particles


We know you’re committed to excellence. And, we all want to ensure the cannabis infused products that are created truly are a contribution to people’s wellness. Let’s make sure YOU and your TEAM know the details of creating, packaging and shipping products safely.

Join us at one of our upcoming classes!



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