Moving through conflict

You’ve heard about Conflict Resolution.  What is it really and how can it help you in all areas of your life?


Conflict is everywhere.  Without it, passion, perseverance, change—or even art, for that matter—wouldn’t exist. Conflict can also destroy and corrode when its negative aspects remain untamed.  Many of us fear and avoid conflict, especially in the workplace, because we don’t feel confident in our ability to approach it, manage it or transform it.

We invite you to join our FREE webinar, with our friend, John Mancuso, of Authentic Communication Matters
The webinar will provide 3 simple, effective, and easily applied tools to help extinguish problematic behaviors, issues and misunderstandings.

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you’ll want to join our FREE webinar on Oct. 2.

  • Do you find managing conflict so difficult that you avoid it at all costs?  
  • Have big issues festered so long that discussing them seems nearly impossible?
  • Do some people’s opinions hold your workplace hostage?  
  • Would you benefit from learning constructive ways to convey poor employee performance?
  • Have you sometimes felt even more unsettled after addressing conflict?

Approaches to teamwork and management have undergone a revolution. More than ever, training is essential for individuals and organizations to be healthy and productive.

Skeptics believe training is futile and a profound waste of time. A lot of it is. (But some hang onto those beliefs because they want to live in the problem.)

Even people open to change can face obstacles because they:

  • Have wasted time on training that didn’t stick 
  • Spend every day putting out fires
  • Feel their situation is so unique that nobody understands it
  • Think change is only accidental or a stroke of good luck
  • Believe difficult people and institutional impediments will hinder new thought

Sound familiar?

If so, ask yourself this question:

If this training were really it—if lasting change were really possible—what would it look like?

We’ll show you…on Oct. 2nd!  Register here!  It’s FREE!


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