How you can help the MS Center with cannabis!

March is MS Awareness Month and the Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Center is looking to partner with the cannabis industry to better help their patients

Since 1978, the Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Center (RMMSC) has served Colorado through its guiding mission: to improve the quality of life of individuals and their families living with MS and related neurological diseases through care, support, education and research.

The RMMSC serves 4,200 patients annually, which includes an estimated 50 percent of all Coloradans living with MS. The MS Center’s impact is far beyond office visits, with education classes about MS, legal and counseling services, and an award-winning adult day program.  It is now largest comprehensive MS center in the state.

As a dedicated Colorado nonprofit, the RMMSC is pioneering new relationships with Colorado’s innovators, including the medical cannabis industry. Medical cannabis has long been a self-driven treatment choice for many MS patients, making this relationship a natural fit for the RMMSC. In 2015, the nonprofit’s board instituted a policy regarding the acceptance of charitable donations from medical cannabis businesses, becoming one of the first nonprofits to officially accept support from the industry.

“It’s an exciting time for our organization,” said RMMSC Development Director Jules Kelty. “We are one of the few Colorado nonprofits with an official policy, and we’re actively looking to partner with medical cannabis businesses. We want to form long-term partnerships that are mutually beneficial for both parties.” If your company is looking to expand its philanthropic or volunteer engagement program, please contact Jules at or 303-788-4030 ext. 145. One hundred percent of all funds raised by the RMMSC stay in Colorado.  To learn more about the RMMSC, visit

More information about the RMMSC

Care: The RMMSC at CU is an internationally-recognized Center of Excellence in MS treatment and research. World renowned doctors at clinics throughout the Denver Metro Area are providing state of the art medical care through over 10,000 patient visits per year. Additionally, the King Adult Day Enrichment Program (KADEP) provides a place for clients to function independently and enhance their quality of life.

Support: MS-specific counseling and support services are offered to patients and their families, and the RMMSC’s legal program helps clients navigate the process of applying for Social Security Disability Insurance. A unique hydrotherapy program brings an accessible fitness option to patients throughout the metro Denver area. 


   Education: The RMMSC reaches across the Rocky Mountain Region through MS101 classes, Conversations on MS sessions, annual education seminars, e-newsletters for patients and the general public, and InforMS – a quarterly magazine with a worldwide distribution.

Research: The RMMSC’s cutting-edge research program — one of the largest MS-specific programs in the world — conducts basic science, clinical trials and translational research to find effective MS treatments.

More About MS – Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a progressive and unpredictable disease of the central nervous system that disrupts communication between the brain and other parts of the body. The severity of the disease and its symptoms vary widely from person to person. The cause of MS is unknown and although there are treatments that can slow disease progression, at this time there is no known cure. Colorado has been identified as a high-risk zone for MS by the Department of Health, as one in 550 Coloradoans lives with multiple sclerosis. MS is a chronic neurological disease that affects an estimated 2.5 million people worldwide. It is the leading cause of irreversible disability in young women and the second leading cause of disability in young men.



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