Finding your Light in the holidays

How to get or give help to others 

We know the holidays are joyful, fun and delightful for some and lonely or painful for others.  We’re mindful of this and want to send out our respect and appreciation to you.  We are grateful for the opportunity to be in this amazing industry and to meet such wonderful people along the way.  
Which brings us to YOU. Thank you for joining us on this fabulous adventure and moving the industry forward with integrity, professionalism, and compliance.

Always know there is support out there, whether you are starting a business and need some guidance, looking to help yourself or someone enduring pain, or perhaps looking for a job.  There are people, businesses, and services that can assist you.  All you have to do is ask. Let YOUR Light SHINE!

Thank you for your willingness to find the amusing and light side of living. We’re grateful for you!
We’re looking forward to laughing with friends and family over the holiday season and reminding ourselves about all we are grateful for today and every day.

How to find help if you need it and how to help others…

Check out your local United Way here!

Find a Harm Reduction Center to help a loved one find safety and community.

Some places to start if you’re looking to volunteer in your community:

  • Offer to Help Family
  • Volunteer at Your Local School
  • Organize a Sale for Charity
  • Visit a Senior Center
  • Coach a Local Youth Team
  • Tutor a Student
  • Fix and Serve Meals
  • Serve on a Community Board
  • Become a Docent
  • Be a Good Neighbor
  • Organize at a food co-op
  • Volunteer at a hospital
  • See if your organization has volunteer events/opportunities

MoneyCrashers offers those ideas and more.

How does your organization help the community and move the cannabis industry forward?  Let us know!



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