Embrace History: 5 Ways to Honor the Legacy of Cannabis

Cannabis has been a part of human history for thousands of years. Throughout the world, people have used it for medicinal, spiritual, and recreational purposes. Today, thanks in large part to activists, advocates, and educators, cannabis is more widely accepted than ever before.

As advocates for cannabis, it’s important that we honor its rich history and pay respect to those who have fought for its legalization and acceptance. Here are five ways to honor the legacy of cannabis. 

Educate yourself about cannabis history – To honor the legacy of cannabis, you need to understand its past. Learn about the different uses of cannabis throughout history, the people who advocated for its medical properties, and the struggles of the activists who fought for legalization. By educating yourself about cannabis history, you’ll have a greater appreciation for the plant and its importance in our world today.

Celebrate cannabis traditions – Cannabis has been used in spiritual and cultural practices for centuries. By celebrating these traditions, we can honor the legacy of cannabis and the people who have used it throughout history. Cannabis has roots in Native American traditions, Rastafarian celebrations, and even during the Hindu and Sikh festival of colors, called Holi (Gumbiner, 2011). Over the past few years, more contemporary and modern cannabis celebrations are arising, such as 420 gatherings held in April each year, 710 celebrations honoring extracts, and even the establishment of the Church of Cannabis in Denver, CO. The celebration of the role of cannabis is both ancient and modern traditions continues to showcase respect for the plant and it’s history.    

Connect with cannabis activists – Without the activism of countless individuals, cannabis might still be illegal in many parts of the world. To honor the legacy of these activists, connect with organizations and individuals who continue to fight for cannabis legalization and acceptance. Support their work, attend rallies and protests, and help spread the word about the benefits of cannabis.

Consume cannabis mindfully – Cannabis can be used for many different purposes, including recreational, medical, and spiritual. It’s important to use it mindfully and with respect. By using cannabis responsibly and with intention, we show our appreciation for the plant and its benefits.

Advocate for cannabis education – The best way to honor the legacy of cannabis is to ensure that future generations understand its importance. Advocating for cannabis education in schools, universities, and medical programs is essential to continuing the progress made by activists and advocates. By sharing reliable information about cannabis, we can help break down the stigma surrounding the plant and promote its safe and responsible use.

Honoring the legacy of cannabis means understanding and celebrating its rich history, connecting with activists who have fought for legalization, and advocating for education and responsible use. By doing so, we can continue to work towards a world where cannabis is respected and accepted. As cannabis advocates and educators here at Cannabis Trainers, it’s our responsibility to pay homage to the past and pave the way for a brighter future for the plant and its users. Be sure to bookmark our blog, subscribe to our emails, and follow us on social media to stand in solidarity in honoring our cannabis legacy!

Gumbiner, Jann. “History of Cannabis in India.” Psychology Today, June 2011.


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