Cannabis As Medicine – Don’t Play Doctor

Anyone who has been involved with the sale of cannabis will tell you they get questions about medical applications of the plant daily. Yet, most compliance laws are very specific that budtenders and dispensary agents should not give medical advice. Cannabis Trainers agree. Most badged agents are not medical professionals, and unless you are a nurse/doctor, giving medical advice is a dangerous activity. Harvard Health Publishing shares findings in the article below around medical uses for cannabis and ways to steer people back to a medical professional when they have questions. Our best advice; don’t ever play doctor by discussing a disease. Instead, refer to symptoms. For example, a compliant discussion when someone asks about relief from arthritis is not to address the disease and instead discuss inflammation. A great talk track could be, “I cannot speak to your medical condition, as I am not a doctor. Inflammation may be experienced which might be eased through the use of cannabis. I would encourage a conversation with your medical professional for any specific questions related to illness.” You could open yourself up to civil liability penalties if this is done incorrectly.


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