Budtender Turnover Problems? It could be your training

MJBiz Daily recently published an article discussing the turnover of budtenders within the cannabis retail community. They shared an astonishing number that perhaps as many as 55% of budtenders leave within one year of taking on the position! This group is so critical in educating the population about the compliant sale and consumption of marijuana. This type of turnover could result in an even more poorly educated population of consumers of cannabis. 

The article continues to discuss potential solutions to the problem of turnover in the cannabis retail sector, specifically concentrated on the employee experience. As professional trainers, we can also attest that the power of training our work force with the knowledge they need to be successful leads to less turnover. We at Cannabis Trainers have even begun to offer more courses on leadership, cannabis plant science, skills refreshers for critical skills like ID checking, and others. Stay tuned while we continue to add to our own library of training to help your budtenders feel safe, knowledgeable, engaged, and resourced to serve your customers. 

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