Appreciation ~ Thank you, Jamie!

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Brittany and the team at Elements Boulder join us as we recognize Jamie Perino.

Jamie is the Owner of Elements Boulder and Co-Founder of Euflora. We’re honored to recognize her.

We appreciate Elements Boulder and Euflora’s commitment to compliance and high standards. 
Being a Responsible Vendor shows their staff, customers, and community that they care and want to move the industry forward with integrity and professionalism.

We asked Brittany, what makes Jamie an inspirational leader?
Jamie has always had a BIG heart! She continues to do volunteer work wherever she can! Her goal is to always give. Her employee’s adore her as she makes such a great work environment for her staff to call home. Speaking to any of her staff, you will hear how compassionate and driven she is. She always sets her sights and goals high. We all feel like we have contributed a great deal to the success of these stores because that’s the type of person Jamie is. She will always credit her team and help everyone move up on the ladder of success. She truly is a beautiful person inside and out and we are all lucky to call her our “boss lady.”


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