Tips for making a Top 10 List for improving your life!

Sharing some fun ways a Top 10 List are beneficial and may help YOU grow!

We just celebrated 4.20 and Earth Day.  It’s a sweet time of year, as trees are starting to bloom, ideas taking shape, and connections growing stronger.
It’s YOUR time!
5 Ways Top 10 Lists Can Benefit You:Top 10 List ideas

1. Organize: Lists can help organize thoughts. Whether you’re faced with a tough decision
or brainstorming vacation ideas, lists will make you feel much more prepared to make
choices and will provide clarity. If your thoughts are de-cluttered, you’re more confident
to execute plans, dreams, wishes and desires in any area of your life.

2. Boost Self Esteem: Lists can help you highlight your positive qualities, accomplishments
and plans for a rocking future. Visualization will provide you with an amazing sense of
self esteem, encouragement and motivation.

3. Decrease Anxiety: When you get out of your head, organize your thoughts and make
lists, overwhelm and stress levels will be reduced. You’ll feel proud and prepared, which
will create ease.

4. Boost Your Brain: The process of making a list uses parts of your brain that might not
normally get used. So you’re working your brain power and staying sharp as your
organizing your life. It’s a win-win!

5. Improve Focus, Creativity and Positivity: Lists can be a roadmap to help you to keep
your eye on the prize. Lists are a tool to keep your focus and will help you in all aspects
of your life. You’ll find that soon you are accomplishing more and have time to do the
things you really love in life. 

Check out someTop 10 List Ideas you can do! (These are only 10 and we’ll share more another time!)

Top 10 lists are bite-sized, digestible pieces that can be created on almost any topic.

With this Top 10, you are invited to be the writer!

These Top 10 lists (and any others you may choose) will remind yourself of –what’s good and shining about you and your life!

Use them to become more aware of what you know and what you can do to make changes and see new perspectives.

Be prepared to reconnect with your dreams, to remember what you truly desire.

This Top 10 is your highlight reel! EnJOY!

1. Top 10 Things I Love About My Life
2. Top 10 Ways I Positively Affect Those Around Me
3. Top 10 Things That Are Uniquely “Me”
4. Top 10 Things I’d Like to Do In My Lifetime
5. Top 10 Things I Know That I’d Like to Share
6. Top 10 Ways in Which I am a Leader
7. Top 10 Things I’m Grateful For
8. Top 10 Dreams I Want to Fulfill
9. Top 10 Things That Fill Me With Joy
10. Top 10 Things I Could Fix or Change in the World.

We hope you have fun with making your own list.  

Thank you for being an AWESOME human.  We love how you help move the industry forward with integrity, professionalism, and compliance.

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