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COVID-19 Newsletter for Cannabis Trainers
We hope YOU and the people you love are feeling healthy and hopeful. We’re all in some wild times and are grateful for your flexible, positive, responsible, resiliency right now!
We’re pleased that most state regulators are recognizing that continued safe access to cannabis as an “essential service.”  
Things are changing rapidly, and states may designate that Medical Cannabis sales are essential while Adult Use sales may be restricted (curbside pick-up only) or temporarily suspended, like MA. 

Stay informed and be sure to put on your advocacy hat to request that safe access for all consumers be maintained.
What can we do to move forward in these quickly changing circumstances?

  1. Support each other and do frequent check ins with your teammates. How is morale, wellness, anxiety?
  1. Take a break from social media and the news.
  1. Stay informed about COVID-19 via the CDC website as well as information coming from your State Health Department.
  1. Tune in to your State Regulatory information as well as rule adjustments from your local municipality.
  1. Be aware of developments in your state via your Governor.
  1. Be Flexible! Changes happen from day to day right now.
  1. Pro-tip: hands cracking because of your frequent handwashing? Do an extra thorough rinsing off of soap residue off your hands. The soap residue may contribute to drying out your skin. Here’s the CDC video on handwashing.

Our friends at Meadow put together a document that inspired us to share this version with you.

***Safe Workplaces during COVID-19 document***

It includes thoughts, tips and ideas on:

  1. General Employee Safety
  2. Safe Receiving of Products
  3. Sanitation in Your Dispensary
  4. Enhanced Retail Process
  5. Curbside Pick-up Details (where permissible by emergency rule)
  6. Enhanced Safe Procedures for Delivery

Ensure you receive up to date details relevant to your state!
Here are some helpful links to review:



**If you don’t see your state listed, do a quick search for your state’s regulatory division and health department. While you’re there – sign up for alerts!

As a global community, we’re exploring new territory. 
With that, our health and mindfulness practice may be more important now than ever before.
Stress impacts our immune system, emotional and mental well being, and as we know, all of these parts are connected and can manifest as physical symptoms or muddy our connection to spirit.
Keep breathing deeply, resting, meditating, moving your body, connecting virtually with loved ones, eating healthy and whatever else brings you peace and joy.


Please reach out to us if you have questions or would like professional development trainings via Zoom webinar.


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