Navigating the holidays!

Navigating the Holidays Joyfully(??)

Take a big, deep, beautiful breath: the holidays are underway.

For many of us, this time of year brings joys – and challenges – of family gatherings, gifting, holiday shindigs, and a lot of people needing to buy extra cannabis to de-stress or bring as gifts (fabulous idea- make sure you gift legally!).

Imagine navigating the holidays with peace and ease!

Check out our holiday quiz to see how ready you are for this year’s light untangling season.

True or False?

  1. I plan ahead and am never rushing around in a panic.
  2. When I’m invited to events with friends/ family I am really clear on doing things that I love and am comfortable saying “no thanks”.
  3. If I’m joining in gift exchanges, I joyfully give what I can afford and stick to my budget.
  4. I resist the urge to chug eggnog by the gallon and endeavor to eat healthy food that my body likes.
  5. I never drive if I choose to intoxicate. I know that if I feel different, I drive different and choose a safe ride.
  6. I know how to chill. I don’t pack my calendar and can unplug.
  7. I know my time and essential relationships are important. I focus on those I love more than the “stuff” of the season.
  8. I look for the good and am grateful. I honor the loss of loved ones that are no longer with me. I accept the way things are now, and enjoy the loved ones around me.
  9. This month, I am committed to my wellness and do something that I find fun and pleasing every day.
  10. The ugly sweater will only EVER be worn in jest.

If you had 4+ False answers, we invite you to consider making some changes.

  • Hello infused bath salts!
  • Hey there linalool, welcome.
  • “My apologies, you’re important to me, I value you, and I’m unable to come to the event.”
  • We invite you, if you are on a tight budget, to re-gift stuff. We declare it’s totally okay. Pro-Tip- don’t re-gift the gift to the original gifter. Awkward!


Happy HAPPY Holidays.

May this wrap up to 2018 amuse and delight you.



The Team at Cannabis Trainers






Author’s content used under license, © Claire Communications


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