Helping your community helps your business

We frequently hear about “giving back” to the community. What does this mean to you?

Giving is good for business.  

How do you share your values with your community, your staff?

Supporting the community your business is in can help your business grow. Having a culture at work where you value helping others, shows your employees you care. The staff will feel good about working at your company and be more emotionally involved to give her/his best.  They will see you care about the whole picture and not just the profit.

People can learn new skills when giving back.  Perhaps your staff can make new business connections, learn how to organize resources, or build awareness for a cause through  social media.  Promoting your staff by giving back to the community, can give them public accolades.  Show your team you appreciate them and the community.  Although we’d love to have people help for the intrinsic value it provides, social media posting does create motivation.

Giving of your time through volunteering doesn’t cost any money.  Volunteering inspires camaraderie and team building.  After volunteering, there is a tendency to be more efficient and thorough at work.    When we have fun at work, we give more, perform better. We invite you to put your values out there.  Has your organization had any volunteer opportunities this year? 

We’ll throw down a challenge to you!!
What are the opportunities that your team can create to be a contribution  this month?

Let us know in the comments below what your currently doing or what you will be doing soon!

Members of the community will want your business to thrive.  They will spread the word about your fantastic organization.  Collaboration and cooperation can take is currently doing


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