Appreciation ~ Thank you, Julie!


We are pleased to recognize our friend, Julie Batkiewicz, the Executive Producer of Monte Content.
We asked Julie:

1. What do you love about the cannabis industry?

There is a lot of opportunity to change business norms in the cannabis industry. I launched my business as a new mom with a newborn last year in part to be flexible.

I’m open with my clients that I’m a working mom and I’ve received nothing but support. I’ve also mastered the art of keeping a baby occupied while on a call. 

2How can people (at the individual level and company level) get involved and help make a positive effect in growing the industry? 

I think education is key in growing the industry. 

Any individual can make a positive impact by talking to family and friends to break down the stigma of cannabis. 

I’m also seeing a lot of great education coming from brands that can help this cause as well. We need as many well informed, engaged people in the industry and in the public to achieve full acceptance of cannabis. I feel a great responsibility in the way Monte Content portrays cannabis in our videos. We have the opportunity to change minds and shape the conversation around the plant by creating approachable, engaging content. 

Monte Content prodMonte Contentuces educational video content about cannabis that is broadcast directly into marijuana dispensaries. By creating live, dynamic high quality video content that consumers want to watch, we help dispensaries and cannabis brands utilize the retail space as a marketing and education opportunity. Our videos, distributed via our content network directly to your dispensary’s monitors, optimize the retail experience by introducing customers to key safety concepts and products before their sales interaction.

[kad_vimeo url=” “] Check out their Solvent Based Extraction video and many others!

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