5 Tips to Rock as a Trainer

Keep it Interactive

You will likely have people in your classes that know some or a lot on the subject at hand. Honor the experts by inviting contribution from the group. Interactivity keeps it fresh and lively.

Be Brilliant

In addition to being an expert on the topic you are training, be brilliant. Yes- I do intend the multiple meanings! And, on the occasion that you get stumped as a trainer, be willing to know where to get the required answers and report back to participants with insight and intel within 48 hours.

Be a Role Model

You know the old saying “Do what I say not what I do…”. Uh hu. Be congruent, your participants are going to emulate you, make certain you want them to!

Be a Great Listener

Unveil your extraordinary listening skills. Listen to what is said and unsaid from your learners. Open ended questions are a great way to hear what your group already knows and where they may need some more in depth explanations.

Be Entertaining

Turns out- people retain a lot more when they are awake. Yup- you’re welcome for that wisdom pearl. Laughter is great way to keep the group engaged.  Humor and entertainment go a long way in making the session one to remember AND, the skills discussed more implementable.

2 Responses

  • I am currently working in education but would very much like to be an educator/trainer in the cannabis industry. I am very excited to attend my first CA Bay Area Women Grow meeting in January! What information can you offer me to get trained to be a trainer in this industry. Do you offer a train the trainer class? I’m planning to attend Oaksterdam University in May but what can I do prior to then?

    • Hello Laurie,
      Wonderful that you desire to join the cannabis industry!
      It sounds like you are already an educator. Bringing that skill set to this industry is a great idea.
      The first thing I invite you to consider is in what area you would like to train & educate? What is your current specialty?
      YES- we do offer train the trainer courses. We’ll have one scheduled in February 2016. Be sure to join our mailing list to stay up to date on our offerings.

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