You've created great content and you have
important information to share.
Let's ensure that people hear your message as intended.
Let's Present Powerfully at our November 14-16 conference! 

How we look!

As we learned in the webinar- people get a LOT of information based on how we look and what we do.

Here are a couple more details to set you up for success, especially as we'll be filming your talk!

  1. Solid Colors are best 
  2. Avoid Black suits/ shirts/ dresses - you'll blend into the curtain behind you
  3. Avoid White- the lights and camera create a lot of reflection
  4. Allow for movement and be aware of the camera 

Requirements for CME

A friendly reminder that the first few slides of your presentation must include:

  1. Credentials
  2. Disclosure Statement/ Conflict of Interest

Coaching Opportunity

Join us for an interactive coaching experience about YOUR presentation. Space is limited!

Please RSVP via email: to reserve your spot on November 2nd at 9am MT or 11am MT.


Thank You.

Join us below for Q & A!