Balancing It All

I’m always impressed by the breadth and scope of questions I’m asked during the cannabis supervisory training I lead for Cannabis Trainers. They often involve complex organizational issues and the thorniest demands that superior interpersonal communication requires. During the last session, however, I was struck by one simple yet pervasive issue that keeps getting raised: […]

When Work Triggers Trauma

During a leadership training I facilitated, for a large group with whom I’d become rather intimately acquainted, everything changed with one realization. We were discussing the best ways to regulate our reactivity with cross-functional partners when I paused to ask a broad yet fundamental question, “Why does hyperreactivity keep happening?” To which one of the […]

What Does it Really Mean to be Authentic at Work?

There has been so much talk recently about fearless authenticity and bringing our whole selves to work—but what does that really mean? I find when I pose that question to groups of leaders, there is a struggle to articulate the balance. And, in the spirit of fearless authenticity, I’m not going to lie: discussions about […]

5 Keys to Diffusing Conflict in the Heat of the Moment

Even though cannabis dispensary patrons tend to be mellower than your average retail customer, conflicts can and do still arise. Here are five steps you can take to defuse in-the-moment conflicts:   Stay Composed: Pause before you do anything. Stay calm, take a deep breath and acknowledge that you are hearing the person, even if […]

How To Identify Workplace Hostility

Last month, we discussed an alternate way to look at not-so-violent workplace violence, something that is far more subtle and pervasive than many of us think. This month let’s review some signs and symptoms that we don’t normally associate with workplace violence. Use this list of questions to consider whether or not you may be […]

Not So Violent Workplace Violence

Last year I stood before a group of healthcare workers on their first day, all of them excited to be joining a prestigious organization. The day carried much of the usual peaks and valleys of a requisite onboarding program—procedural information about time and attendance, exuberant welcomes from leadership, visits from subject-matter experts, potential pathways to […]

Feedback Is The Key

Feedback, when done well and consistently, can be the key to successful supervision. It helps establish trust, build relationships and create a culture of continuous improvement toward excellence. Here are some ways a supervisor can bolster the efficacy of feedback: Establish a Feedback Culture: Create an environment in which feedback is encouraged and valued. Your […]

Enjoy The Silence: Listening As The Foundation For Superior Communication

I was always skeptical about teaching effective listening. I literally thought the content would go in one ear and out of the other. I thought getting people to change something so fundamental about themselves was a fruitless endeavor given the limited time and practice available in communication training.  Listen to me: I was wrong! Even […]

How to Make Transition To Management Easier

Boss introducing black new worker to workmates

It is a research-proven fact that the transition from individual contributor to a supervisor is a pain point for both employees and organizations. The skills required for the two roles are often vastly different. One of the hardest things for new supervisors to navigate is the different relationships they must have with their former peers. […]

What I Need To Know as a Cannabis Leader To Be Successful

Guest Blog by John Mancuso Authentic Communication Matters While soft skills are hard to quantify, they can be measured. And if soft skills dictate the lion’s share of a person’s success or failure and reside in root causes of skill gaps and interpersonal conflicts, they need to be measured.   So how can this be […]