Why Training Doesn’t Work

Young student is very tired. He is sitting on chair in lecture hall alone and holding a laptop. The man is closed his eyes with frustration

There are two fundamental reasons why good training may not produce solid, long-term rewards. Both of them involve our mindsets. Many of us approach a new training opportunity by either over valuing or under valuing its intended outcomes. In this post, I will address the former. Good training can transform individuals and organizations, but many […]

What I Need To Know as a Cannabis Leader To Be Successful

Guest Blog by John Mancuso Authentic Communication Matters While soft skills are hard to quantify, they can be measured. And if soft skills dictate the lion’s share of a person’s success or failure and reside in root causes of skill gaps and interpersonal conflicts, they need to be measured.   So how can this be […]

Three Crucial Issues for New Cannabis Businesses

Guest Blog by John Mancuso Authentic Communication Matters New business owners often wear multiple hats during the scramble to get things “going,” especially in the cannabis industry. The most fundamental of needs (e.g. resources, facilities, capital, staffing) become the trees through which they rarely see the forest. Because of this, few rarely consider the second-level […]

Why Should Supervisors Continue Training?

Our Sell-SMaRT Responsible Vendor Training for the cannabis industry often has a mix of frontline workers, budtenders, dispensary agents, and their managers. Besides a mandated requirement for education, one might ask why managers who may be seasoned professionals in the cannabis industry need a refresher on cannabis compliance training. We found that most of our […]