Cannabis-Infused Beverages Dos and Don’ts

Green glass bottle with Cannabis CBD infused Water lemonade with cannabis leafs

Summertime calls for cold and refreshing drinks to beat the heat.  What if you could add a little something extra to your beverage? With the legalization of adult-use cannabis in many states, it’s possible that THC-infused beverages are available near you. Minnesota, the latest state to legalize adult-use cannabis, even plans to stock THC-infused beverages […]

With Legalization, Comes Regulation, and of course Compliance

Cannabis trimmer

High Times published an interesting look into the regulation of the cannabis industry as more states approve legalization. Like any legitimate industry, oversight is necessary to maintain safety for consumers. The balance between regulation and capitalism, however, is often in play in the US and cannabis companies can get stuck in the middle. Adhering to […]

Cannabis As Medicine – Don’t Play Doctor

dont play doctor

Anyone who has been involved with the sale of cannabis will tell you they get questions about medical applications of the plant daily. Yet, most compliance laws are very specific that budtenders and dispensary agents should not give medical advice. Cannabis Trainers agree. Most badged agents are not medical professionals, and unless you are a […]

Does your team play by these rules?

Have you ever woken up in a panic… wondering and hoping that your team was playing by the rules? Is your company buttoned up on training, detailed operating procedures, and documentation? (Cliché #734- If it isn’t written down, it likely didn’t happen!) Without the “protection” of the Cole Memo, industry leaders are prepared for even greater […]