Let’s Modernize Ancient Cannabis Medicine Compliantly

Medicinal cannabis has been in use for centuries. Ancient civilizations used this plant to treat various ailments and promote overall health. With the legalization of cannabis in many states and countries, the medical industry has started to embrace its therapeutic properties. Traditional medicine has evolved, incorporating this ancient medicine into modern medical practices. It is […]

Budtender Turnover Problems? It could be your training

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MJBiz Daily recently published an article discussing the turnover of budtenders within the cannabis retail community. They shared an astonishing number that perhaps as many as 55% of budtenders leave within one year of taking on the position! This group is so critical in educating the population about the compliant sale and consumption of marijuana. […]

Feet in The Street Story – Educate Your New Budtenders

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One of our trainers shared a story with us that was concerning. One day, while introducing his pup to some new sitters, a conversation about the medical marijuana industry in Missouri occurred. The two pet sitters were not from the area and legal cannabis was a new adventure for them. They were very interested in […]

Productivity and Cannabis. Yes They Can Go Hand In Hand.

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Cannabis consumers are sometimes regarded through a demeaning lens- assuming those who consume cannabis are lazy and unambitious. We know you know… that’s FALSE. We get to move people beyond that misinformation and antiquated thinking. We found this great article that shares 9 productive things to do while ‘stoned’. Cleaning, exercising, and gardening are some […]