6 Steps for Achieving OSHA Compliance!

Wednesday, February 28th

8:00am PT/ 9:00am MT/ 11:00am ET

Hosted by

Amber Bacca

Trax Team Solutions


Maureen McNamara

Cannabis Trainers

Amber Bacca,  Founder of Trax Team Solutions, and Maureen McNamara, Founder of Cannabis Trainers, will share their wisdom for following OSHA Compliance in your facility.

Followed by a Question & Answer session.

You'll get tips and insights to implement right away!

Is this webinar for me?

  • Owners, Managers, and Compliance Directors of licensed cannabis businesses definitely want to be skilled in OSHA compliance
  • If you work in a dispensary or grow facility, then YES, it is for YOU!

We'll explore:

  • Why is OSHA training your staff is so important
  • Why must we be concerned about OSHA Compliance in the Cannabis Industry?
  • What are some of the repercussions or penalties for not maintaining OSHA Compliance?

Webinar takeaways:

1)   The importance of being OSHA Compliant  

2)   Potential penalties for non-compliance with OSHA Regulations.

3)   The 6 Steps for Achieving OSHA Compliance in your facility. 

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Feb. 28th ~ 8:00 am PT / 9:00 am MT / 11:00 am ET

Hosted By:

TraxTeam Solutions

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