Authentic Communication ~ Conflict Resolution~ Oct. 2


3 Essential Tools for Resolving Conflict

Monday, October 2nd, 1pm mst

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John Mancuso
Authentic Communication

Maureen McNamara
Cannabis Trainers

Have you ever had a conflict with a coworker?

If lasting change through conflict resolution were really possible—what would it look like?

John Mancuso of Authentic Communication Matters, and Maureen McNamara, President of Cannabis Trainers, will share 3 tools for successful conflict management.
Followed by a Question & Answer session.

You’ll get tips and insights you can use right away!


Is this webinar for me?!

  • Do you find managing conflict so difficult that you avoid it at all costs?  
  • Have big issues festered so long that discussing them seems nearly impossible?
  • Do some people’s opinions hold your workplace hostage?

We’ll explore:

  • the importance of discussing how to talk about the problem before talking about the problem
  • the necessity of separating position and interest to seek understanding
  • the lack of vocabulary people face when trying to articulate the “real” problem
  • the usefulness of behavioral anchors to describe soft skill deficiencies in problematic employees

Key Principles of Conflict Resolution:

  • Reflectively listen to ensure understanding
  • Maintain rapport at all times
  • Differentiate positions from interests
  • Work toward resolution based on motivating interests

Webinar takeaways:

After completing this webinar, participants will. . .

  • Gain new insights about handling conflict
  • Have a process for having difficult conversations
  • Build better bridges between people with opposing points of view
  • Understand how to find the root causes of conflict
  • Gain a vocabulary to describe problematic behavior and underperformance
  • Harness more empathy and understanding


Oct. 2nd 12 pm PT / 1 pm MT / 3 pm ET

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