Community Engagement Creates Value & Brand Differentiation

Are you engaged?…with your community?! 

Does your team have a Community Engagement Plan?

We’ve been hearing from different companies how they connect and give back to their communities. It’s actually now part of the license application in several states.  Some cities are asking for a licencee’s Community Engagement Plan.  

We’d love to hear from you and what you’re doing.  Everyone has a part in moving the industry forward and being a good neighbor will set you apart!

Adrian D. Garcia, with Marijuana Business Magazine, wrote an article about this and highlights some of ways cannabis companies are helping their communities.

Good Citizenship – Giving back can help MJ companies burnish their public image, get an edge on rivals and attract customers and talent

Cannabis companies around the nation are finding they can get back nearly as much as they give to their local communities.  

Being recognized as a good corporate citizen can make it easier for marijuana businesses to work with regulators and local officials, stand out from competitors and attract new customers and high quality employees, according to industry executives and experts on corporate giving.

Read the rest of the article here!

Our friends at Kind Colorado believe in a Cannabis Social Responsibility framework.  They create pathways for communities and businesses to collaborate, for employers and employees to celebrate, and for businesses and customers to participate in community outreach.  Check them out for ideas!


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