How Can We Be Ultra Compliant?

Show me your compliance! Discussing compliance isn’t always sexy. However, it is a foundational component to operating a successful business in any industry- especially in the cannabis industry. The risks of not getting it right are high. Violations may result … Read More

Appreciation – Thanks Bub!

SHOUT OUT RECOGNITION CORNER! We know the value of appreciation and want to recognize people who are doing a GREAT job. Do you have someone who goes above and beyond in your business whom you’d like us to recognize? Please … Read More

Who do you want to become?

It’s January, the season for new beginnings, fresh starts, tabula rasa. If you’re like most people, you’ve made some New Year’s Resolutions.  Now that we’re a couple weeks in, how are things going? The thing I find “interesting” about New … Read More

New Year ~ New Opportunities

From the Cannabis Trainers team, we wish you, your friends and your loved ones, the best of health, prosperity, and happiness in 2017! And lots of laughter and joy of course too. Here are a few tips to be compliant, safe, … Read More

Thriving in the holidays!

Are you hoping to SURVIVE the holiday season?    What if instead… you could THRIVE! We know that this time of year can be a blend of fun, wild, exciting and stressful.   Your patients,  co-workers, boss, neighbor and zany … Read More

Walking the path of compliancy

                                                                FOLLOWING COMPLIANCY DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A STEEP CLIMB, BUT BE PREPARED AND WEAR YOUR … Read More

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